your ex reveals all the details of his private life.


Jennifer: Her ex-husband reveals confidential information about his private life… Here is the identity of his new partner.

Singer Jennifer might have missed this new. Unfortunately, his ex decided to tell us about his affair with another man!

jennifer crying

Jennifer is in the middle of a nightmare!

Jennifer is very happy. she is a mother of three kids and manages to continue his career. It’s simple, since his victory in the first season of the star academy, nothing seems to be able to stop him in his ascent. Who would have thought that the young women shy of the time would become a figurehead of French song?

Furthermore, as a jury in The voice, his experience sheds light on the fate of his young and great talents. Of course, in the anniversary episode, his anger was misunderstood by the production or the audience. But that does not matter. Even if we offer you everything I of the world, has no intention of changing one iota.

From then on, this revelation will have on her the effect of a time bomb. How come she doesn’t know? Without further ado, People Act Magazine tells you the ins and outs of this very special anecdote.

Jennifer and her adventure in the Star Academy, 20 years have already passed!

To fully understand this story, you have to go back to the images and videos of the past. At that time, she lived in the castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys. For many weeks, she rehearsed and met new people in the best moments of the star academy.

At 20 years old, behind the scenes, it will be difficult for him to manage stress. He entrusted it to our colleagues at Télé 7 jours. “There were days when I wanted to go out.”

Ambivalent about his feelings towards of other candidate, he said. “I felt overwhelmed, because I had flirted with Jean-Pascal and I really didn’t want to the next day. I liked it, no more. She half denounces the production of TF1 have done a whole story to make the buzz. everything was romanticized […] »

In the opposite camp, People Act magazine obviously has another version.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste necessarily denies the intervention of TF1 in his idyll with Jennifer. Chose Telepro to do this momentous revelation. “The producer never informed me.

The producer never informed me, because they knew I was myself and that’s what the audience liked. This is also probably the reason why he was saved from elimination on many occasions. Unable to follow the rules or sing properly, he was remembered for the mood he created in the plateau.

Who to believe?

In early 2021, he gave this moving assessment to Evelyne Thomas. Tears in the eyes, she says. “It was a beautiful love story (…) We kissed three times in the castle and saw each other again.” More than ever, she makes sure to point out that she did not go further. Ah, if the walls of Dammarie-Les-Lys could talk. Maybe they would have a third too version to tell us ?

An amazing story!

Frequently columnist at TPMP, Jennifer’s ex is always frank. With him, it’s not about lying or embellishing things. In our friend Jordan de Luxe, he even puts his reputation as a seducer in jeopardy. Unable to control himself to entertain his fans, he delves into his past without the slightest animosity towards his past experiences. “I received a small gift from a pretty brunette lady And he was a Mr. Mrs. He adds that “it was a pain in the ass for two weeks.”

Also, the ex-spoiled of Jennifer You know it’s partly your fault. Today in love with the sister of Silvia Teller, the latter never gets bored with it! “I am very sexual underground. I have more products than dolphin. When you go out as a couple or when you go to parties with friends, you find that you are very successful.


“Gays flirt with me a lot, they often fight and I say ‘stop, you won’t get anything’.” So, in his opinion, dear People Act magazine reader, are you a victim of his overweening ego? More famous than the winners of the star academy, there is no doubt that it will continue to light up television sets wherever it is. I hope it lasts as long as possible!


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