with the “Blue Note Café”, an entire neighborhood comes to life


A few weeks ago, We enthusiastically tell you about the imminent opening of the Blue Note Café, a new place that changes face with the passing of the hours. Well, that’s it, it’s open. A popular place dedicated to culture and delights for all, the Blue Note has already conquered the public, who come to enjoy a quite exceptional setting, in a neighborhood in constant movement. Sun all day, a large terrace, original and homemade cuisine, pints of 4 balls and a good program: the Blue Note teams offer us a very nice novelty and above all, a place that brings people together.

Located on Place Dauphine near Rivétoile, the Blue Note Café is one of those new things we like to see happen, especially come spring. In the act, we listen to the rehearsals of the conservatory students who are making their way upstairs, we see hundreds of bicycles, pedestrians, families, curious people pass by, it moves and feels good.

That we settle in the sun in this beautiful open place, inside for a coffee, a beer, a dish or some tapas, you have the feeling of being in a place that has always been there. We’ve toured the owner and shown him everything that makes the Blue Note unique.

A place with many faces that changes with the hours

With this location at the crossroads of all roads, which sees thousands of Strasbourg residents pass its door every day, the Blue Note could only stay open all day. Starting at 8:30 am, people come here for a specialty coffee or breakfast, then at noon, there are the daily specials with market cuisine for everyone. In the afternoon, the bar takes over, soon with a selection of pastries and those famous 4-euro pints that have been a great success (you surprise me). At night, a la carte, we discover an authentic restoration proposal and above all: FREE events all week.

At Blue Note, it’s THE true added value that changes everything. Simon, Léo and their team offer between 2 and 3 events per week, an offer that we are more used to seeing. We are talking about meetings and tastings with winegrowers, concerts, live performances, DJ sets of techno, house, blues or jazz, but also stand evenings.up, blind test and many more events. The goal, as you may have understood, is to bring together in one place all the people of Strasbourg, the young, the not so young, all social classes without exception!

Tapas, dishes of the day and homemade suggestions (and with a lot of love!)

Through his menu, the chef wanted revisits the Alsatian classics in its own way, with colour, originality and a lot of flavour. Munster sticks, beetroot puree and hummus, krousty knacks, crispy schneck (we’ll let you find out what it is on the spot), carp accras, flammekueche crackers or even Alsatian trout gravlax.. All specialties have been totally reinvented with Blue Note sauce.

Mickaël, the chef, tells us his ideas: “We wanted to make a great nod to Alsace, with originality and above all: a mixture of flavors that come from many different cultures. Arab, Mauritian, Polish, Italian, the influences are mixed in our kitchen as in our team, and the most important thing is that we do it with love.« .

The little ones and the big ones +

  • Whatever time it is, the terrace welcomes anyone who wants to eat or drink something, the Blue Note is open from 8:30 to 1:30.
  • The offer of free events is quite exceptional in Strasbourg and it is very good that the people of Strasbourg are there.
  • The revisited kitchen is quite original and above all: it is made by a young chef who wants to do it well.
  • Students, students, it’s a perfect place to make friends.
  • The prices really aren’t crazy, there is something for every budget.
  • The offer will be expanded soon (pastry, sale of special coffees, brunch on Saturdays)

blue note coffee

1 pl. dolphin
67100 Strasbourg
Open from Monday to Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to midnight and from Thursday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 01:00 a.m.
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*Article endorsed but not reviewed by Blue Note Café


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