Who is jazzman Jon Batiste, winner of five Grammy Awards?


On Sunday night, he walked out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena with no fewer than five Grammy Awards in his arms. Jazzman Jon Batiste dominated the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony by winning the prestigious award for “Best Album of the Year”, the sesame of the American music industry. “I am deeply convinced, there is no better artist, better musician, better dancer, better actor. The creative arts are subjective and touch people at a time in their lives when they need it most.”The musician had modestly launched himself after receiving the highest distinction.

Recognized as a true virtuoso in the United States, Jon Batiste is now in the spotlight on the international scene. A shadow artist, the multi-instrumentalist may mean nothing to you. And yet, across the Atlantic, his name is associated with legends like Prince, Stevie Wonder or Quincy Jones, with whom he worked.

But it is not to these collaborations that he owes his popularity. If he is also famous in the land of Uncle Sam, it is for his role as host and musical director of the popular television program “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Here you have a hyperactive artist that you have surely already met without knowing it.

On one side of the scale, Jon Batiste, a 35-year-old jazzman. On the other hand, superstars like Justin bieber, kanye West Billy Eilish, ABBA or an encore by Olivia Rodrigo. Sunday night, the talent of Louisiana tipped the scales in his favor. And that is a feat. Jon Batiste is one of the rare jazzmen in history who has managed to prevail against the giants of the American pop industry, accustomed to winning most categories. Before him was Norah Jones in 2003 and Herbie Hancock in 2008. And it stops there.

Nominated in 11 categories, the young artist also won the grammys music video of the year for its theme LibertyBest Performance and Best SongAmerican Roots as well as Best Soundtrack for Visual Media for the Animated Film Soul.

A reward that adds to the Golden Globe and the Oscar won last year. Because it is to him that we owe much of the film’s soundtrack. But not only. It was also his hands that served as a model when the main character plays the piano. So many nominations that reflect the eclecticism of this artist with 1001 facets.

Originally from Louisiana, Jon Batiste, whose real name is Jonathan Michael Batiste, is heir to a family of musicians. His uncle, Lionel Batiste, was a renowned jazz singer and drummer for the famous Fanfare. tremendous while Milton Batiste, another of his uncles, was a trumpeter at the Olympia Fanfare, another benchmark in the musical universe of New Orleans. Surrounded and influenced by these great figures of Louisiana music, he joined the family group Batiste Brothers Band in which he played drums and percussion. A few years later, he followed the advice of his mother, who suggested that he pursue the piano. The young teenager trains by playing video game songs on the piano. ON At the age of 17, Jon Batiste releases his first album, Hours in New Orleans.

After attending a famous art training center in New Orleans, the ambitious young artist decided to try his luck in New York, the birthplace of jazz. A successful bet since it manages to integrate the prestigious juilliard schoola conservatory New Yorker internationally famous. It was during their formation that the group was born. To stay Humanwho will release their first album social musicnumber one in the jazz ranking of the billboard.

Two years later, the musicians of the group continued the adventure becoming the orchestra of the popular show “La Afternoon Show with Stephen Colbert”.

And it is by participating in this program that it will be made known to the general public. A man of many hats, Jon Batiste simultaneously holds the position of creative director of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem and the music director’s chair of the magazine. the atlantic.

The musician also actively supported the black movement. It lives to importcampaigning against systemic racism towards the African-American community. John Batista in particular, he organized musical marches in New York. A commitment that will inspire part of his eighth studio album We’recrowned best album of the year at the grammys Awards.

“Music has always been fundamental to our lives, to our community, to our healing, to our unspoken pain, to carry messages and raise awareness about the condition of a people. He has always been into music; we just picked it up in a different cultural context”confided in an interview with San Francisco Classic Voice.


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