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Discover, thanks to AlloCiné, the movies and series that will be released on Netflix between April 8 and 14!



Lords of Metal (04/08) : Hunter and Kevin are two ordinary teenagers who have one thing in common: they are fans of heavy metal. As they try to form their own band, they struggle to find a bass player. But his interest will be focused on a cellist, Emily. To win the Group Battle, they will have to team up and put aside their differences.

Metal Lords is written by Game of Thrones screenwriter DB Weiss. In the production we find Peter Sollett, in charge of directing the movie Minecraft, soon in the cinema. You discovered it in horror movies. That’s Jaeden Martell, who plays the lead role in this learning story where hard rock is king.


The intermediate : Tessa hasn’t had an easy life. Throughout her childhood, she was chained to foster homes, but she believes that she will eventually find happiness in the arms of Skylar, a high school student. But the fairy tale ends when the young man dies in a car accident. Devastated at her, Tessa remains convinced that her soul mate is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave.

Worn by Joey King, star of The Kissing Booth, The In Between should delight lovers of romance and fantasy. Impossible not to think of Ghost, the emblematic film of the nineties with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. In front of the actress, we also find Kyle Allen, one of the revelations of Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

Dirty lines, season 1: Amsterdam, 1987. A Dutch company called Teledutch launches Europe’s first pink telephone service. Behind this initiative, two brothers, Frank and Ramon Stigter. The life of Marly Salomon, a psychology student, will change radically when she joins the ranks of the company. A true revolution is taking place in the Netherlands with the appearance of a new musical genre, house, and a new drug, ecstasy.

crystal stars: Straight from Spain, the film follows the tormented fate of Irene, a young prima ballerina, selected for the lead role in the company’s biggest production. As she endures the teasing of her classmates, she befriends Aurore, a lonely young woman. The two heroines quickly isolate themselves from the world and run away together to regain control of their lives. Those who loved the Tiny Pretty Things series should love this drama about female friendship.

Yaksha, a demon on a mission: Kang-in, nicknamed Yaksha, is in charge of a team tasked with carrying out covert operations abroad. One day, the Secret Service finds out that all the reports of local trends in Shenyang City are false. Very worried, the fourth director of the secret service, Ms. Yeom Jeong-won, sends Han Ji-hoon, a prosecutor from the Seoul central office, to the scene as an inspector. In this muscular thriller, we find in particular Park Hae-Soo, one of the stars of the Squid Game series.


Hard Cell Season 1: British series, Hard Cell is a comic fiction filmed as a documentary. It is set in the fictional Woldsley Women’s Prison. Catherine Tate, writer and creator of the series, plays various roles, from Governor Laura Willis, for whom creativity is the key to rehabilitation, to Big Viv, a terrifying psychopath. While preparing for a musical, the inmates will make friends and discover more about themselves.


Your mother, the sausage, season 1: This Brazilian series has as its heroine Isadir, an infernal stepmother. Fostered by her family since the start of the pandemic, she is convinced that her son needs a better wife than the sophisticated Alice. And she is willing to do anything not to return to her small apartment located in a disadvantaged neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro. An inverted Tanguy with humor somewhere between burlesque and parodic.

Happy… or almost, season 2: For its second season, this Argentine series finds its character Sebastián, a famous radio host, still in conflict with his relatives. His ex-wife is pregnant by another man, his children constantly question his authority, and his peers respect him less and less. Rather than suffer her situation, Sebastian will draw comical situations from her.


Ultraman Season 2: Three years after the premiere of its first season on Netflix, the Ultraman animated series returns to the platform. Viewers follow Shinjiro Hayata, son of Ultraman, along with six other heroes, continuing the tradition of the legendary six Ultra brothers. Together, they set out to protect the universe from an alien threat.


Jimmy Savile, a British nightmare : Jimmy Savile, BBC television presenter and renowned DJ, was one of Britain’s favorite personalities. He was even decorated by the Queen herself for his work. However, the man hid another face all this time. This two-part documentary retraces his misdeeds and his past as a repeat sexual predator.


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