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Spring is already dull and gray and will sink deeper into darkness and coldness without our High Priestess of Dualities, Louise Sigouin.

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It tears my heart out to write it, but here it is: TVA has moved to the fall, and maybe even 2023, the next edition of if we loved each other. And unlike the participants in this docureality, I am unable to swallow, digest, and burp this devastating information.

It’s an even worse mess than the emotional slip-up between Audrey and Dominic after a lesson in underwater mermaids. Worse than the moldy strawberries Tim served golfer Marie-Denise. Worse than a Jean-François-orchestrated bagpipe show in his suburban backyard.

How will we survive without healing our wounds of shame? Who will help us establish our limits and connect with our inner world, huh? Do we have the right to experience marital bliss by proxy with Vicky and François, please?

OK no. Cross out the last sentence. Vicky and François, the favorite couple of if we loved each other, have broken, according to my moles. They reached the end of their adventure and this explains the closure of their common Facebook page, they told me.

Another disappointment: the spring number it will replace if we loved each other it doesn’t reach her ankle, or Gabriel’s tattooed thigh. This newspaper, which begins on Monday at 7:00 p.m. on TVA, is called 5 guys for me and its title summarizes all its content.


The first contestant, Janie, 35, a translation project manager, hosts five suitors in her home, weeding out one a day until she’s left with only the good one at the end of the week.

A bachelor hosts five suitors in his house and eliminates one a day until he is left with only the good one at the end of the week. This format in English (five guys a week) it looks like An almost perfect dinner. in Cupid version.

The first four 30-minute episodes revolve around Janie, 35, a translation project manager. A mechanic (Simon, 41), a civil servant (Mathieu, 34), a project manager (Alexandre, 41), a sales manager and waiter (Dany, 36) and a sales consultant (Marc-André, 37 years old) drop their bags at Janie’s Monteregian home in hopes of winning her heart.

In a “Wood & Leather” setting, the men cook tataki (classic!) and sell their salad (fresh!) to Janie, who “gives off a beautiful personality,” according to Alexandre, a poet and imitator of the Gaspé accent. .

Like the candidates of 5 guys for me they change every week, it is impossible to get attached to them or follow their evolution.

They are suburban speed dating, without the accompaniment of Louise Sigouin and without the exposed bare feet of Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Émily Bégin. It lacks spice and discomfort. I’m not sure about that 5 guys for me will become a religion if we loved each other.

The story of 5 guys for me was entrusted to the actress Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, whose interventions remain discreet and less forceful than those of Antoine Vézina in An almost perfect dinner.. Now we will have to see how this docureality will evolve over the next nine weeks.

Speaking of TVA, I wrote on Monday about a pilot forSit down ! by Stéphan Bureau, which was shot last week with commentators Isabelle Maréchal, Benoit Dutrizac and Sophie Durocher. This concept, called to compete everybody talks about itallows the main guest to kick out a panelist without knowing which other analyst will take their chair.

I made a careless mistake in reporting that Mariana Mazza had kicked Benoit Dutrizac off the set and that Sophie Durocher had replaced him alongside Isabelle Maréchal.

The opposite happened. Mariana Mazza expelled Isabelle Maréchal from the ring and the latter was exchanged for Sophie Durocher, who joined Benoit Dutrizac. As the other said, rigor, rigor, rigor, Hugo, come on!

When the search becomes an investigation


Magalie Lépine-Blondeau will star in the miniseries Closed eyes.

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau will star in the new psychological thriller Closed eyeswhich Radio-Canada’s Tou.tv Extra will put online during the 2022-2023 television season.

The shooting of this six-episode miniseries, imagined by Anita Rowan (or “), will begin on May 2 in the Montreal area. The history ? That of the teacher Élise (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau), 38, who continues to search for answers to the tragic death of her older brother Simon (Léokim Beaumier-Lépine), which occurred in September 1994.

At the time, the teen’s body was recovered from a river and police ruled a suicide. Simon and Élise’s mother, played by Anie Pascale (so good at One way), never recovered and kept her son’s room untouched.

When the family home is put up for sale, Élise searches through the items that belonged to her brother and something is wrong. Could Simon have been killed?

The search for Élise then turns into an investigation. The former pastoral animator (Benoît McGinnis), who knew Simon well in 1994, will accompany Élise in her moving investigation.

Produced by Fabienne Larouche, the miniseries Closed eyes, whose title refers to the people in Simon’s entourage who did not see or did not want to see disturbing clues, will also bring together Frédéric Pierre, Charlotte Aubin, Louis-Philippe Dandenault, Marc Beaupré and Larissa Corriveau. Director Jeanne Leblanc (range 5e) will sit behind the camera for all six episodes and has provided a soundtrack that will delight 1990s nostalgics (hello!).


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