“We do contemporary rock of the seventies”, laughs the duo KO KO MO at the launch of their third album


“Another sound to jump with both feet on the table in the room”, “It dislocates”, “It hits, it flashes, it makes you move! ”… In the comments of his new music video your kiss, the group from Nantes KO KO MO continues to attract attention. Warren, the singer and guitarist, and K20, the drummer, are both from Nantes. They met in 2012 during rehearsals “for a project with other artists”. Ten years later, the 27 and 44-year-old duo release their third album I need some Mo’ Friday.

Known for “breaking the house” in concerts, the explosive duo is increasingly commented on the national and international scene. From Nantes, to Germany, Japan, Australia, Madagascar or even China,ko ko mo his music continues to resonate. His resumption of Last night a DJ saved my life, released in 2020, allowed them to “capture a new, younger and broader audience. Interview with these lovers of power pop, a mix of rock, pop and electro, who experience “every concert like the last”.

What is a KO KO MO concert like?

K20: Each concert is really unique both for the public and for us and that is what makes us never get tired. There is always improvisation on stage. Sometimes Warren skips a passage in the music, I don’t know where it is so I just make it up on the spot and vice versa. We like to push ourselves.

Warren: That’s it, we try to adapt to the audience and I think they are more affected when we do. It is not played the same in a Zenith as in a coffee-concert, for example. And then we are lucky to be only two, it is unbeatable to improvise so we are not going to deprive ourselves of it!

On Saturday, the day after the release of your album, you will give a sold-out concert in Nantes. How does it feel to play at home?

K20: Yes, we are very happy to play. stereolux in front of our friends and family, but they are also the most boring viewers in the world (laughs).

Warren: It is the public who knows us best, we have many friends in music so they will be very critical. They are the ones who can easily tell us “Oh well, you have a big head” while laughing.

KO KO MO in June 2019
KO KO MO in June 2019 –Jean-Marie JAGU

Do you feel that attention increases around you?

Warren: We try not to pay too much attention to it, but we realize that more and more teenagers are interested in rock and they put out dad’s records and that’s a pleasure.

K20: We make music for ourselves, but we also make music for the public. We try to modernize rock, we mainly do contemporary seventies. Warren comes from blues rather, I come from electro hip-hop, let’s say.

Warren: That’s the great thing about K20. We are super complementary. He made me listen to things that I wouldn’t necessarily have gone to.

Why not sing in French?

Warren: It just happened naturally. The music lulled me to sleep in English, I grew up there, so it would be a little late to change. Also, French is a language with much more connotations of text songs than vocal performance. Afterwards, you never know, maybe one day it will change, but the goal is also for our songs to reach as many people as possible. It is also perhaps thanks to that that we have played a lot abroad.

You made your music travel in many countries, how to explain it?

K20: We started with concerts in bars before we had our first real date in 2015 during the shemale music reindeer. Then we released our first album in 2017. It was the start of Ko Ko Mo for us and then we did another festival that was a bit like Rennes but in India and there, the more you play, the more you get to know the programmers. from the ocean and even from all over the world, more people call you to do other events. We did many things.

Warren: Again there are two of us and so it’s not very expensive in the minds of the programmers.

K20: Yeah, there’s the ‘two of us’ effect and it’s not expensive, but I think we also bring some energy to the stage, Warren also has a very distinctive voice.

Which concert impressed you the most?

Warren: The show in India was very strong. It was the first time we played abroad, in a very special culture. At first we said to ourselves “But aren’t we going to scare them by jumping all over the place? “And indeed, they were hyperactive on the current rock page. It really was a dream. We’re not going to name all the rock bands that played in India and came back transformed, but it was kind of the same for us.

K20: Since this concert we don’t play the song in the same way. Difficulties. Something happened there and since then we always improvise about it. Every time I get the chills, we did some concerts.

A worse memory to tell?

K20: Actually, the worst memories are not necessarily the worst (laughs). The time we were Indonesia on a very nice rooftop, we were provided with a plastic battery and a cardboard amplifier. The sound engineer probably drove a cab during the day, so you say to yourself “Damn, all those miles for that” and laugh about it the next day. You tell yourself that you are lucky.

Warren: You quickly relativize when people tell you it was good, even if we’re eternally frustrated. It forges the group and is often inspiring.

How do you feel on stage, once the lights go out?

K20: You may want to throw up 45 minutes before the concert, then with the first guitar touch, everything is fine. I think there is something that makes it our meaning in life. There’s also the studio part and the truck rides with the tour crew… It’s exhausting but we love it. it is indescribable. It is a parenthesis of life in fact. Then you go home and then you wash the dishes (laughs).

Warren: Yeah, it’s a crazy opportunity! You do what you like, you meet different people every day, you see the country… It’s the adventure.

Where do you think you will be in ten years?

K20: I will probably get up less from my battery than today. My daughter will be 11… Shit (laughs)! In the idea, we can be in the tenth album. If we could still enjoy playing together and have the ability to please the crowd, that would be great.

Warren: We don’t realize it, but we’ve been playing together for ten years. the episode of health crisis It made us understand that everything can go wrong overnight, so wanting to do the same thing today is not bad.


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