Update on festivals scheduled for 2022 and those postponed for 2023


After the announcement of the return of the Marrakech International Film Festival, as well as the Fez Sacred Music Festival, the question arises about the other great cultural and leisure events organized in Morocco before the pandemic.

Médias24 interviewed the promoters of the events Jazzablanca, Tanjazz, Marrakesh Laughter and you essaouira Festival, who intend to perform in 2022. As for the organizers of the festivals Mamazina Where Oasis, they reveal to us that there will be no edition before 2023.

Postponed the Oasis festival due to lack of time to sign the artists

Asked about the reasons for not programming the electronic music festival, an informed source close to Oasis management He explained to us that such an event required very precise preparation, which could not leave room for any improvisation.

According to our interlocutor, the uncertainties linked to the Omicron variant until the end of 2021 would not have allowed progress to be made correctly on several essential points, such as the artistic program or the place that will be able to host the event in Marrakech.

And to continue that when we know that it takes a minimum of 9 months to sign internationally renowned DJs, it has been considered preferable to postpone it until the organization officially communicates a date for the return of the Oasis festival.

“Mawazine, a great machine that cannot be restarted in four months”

The same story from the side of a organizer of the Mawazine-Rhythms of the World Festival, for whom this meeting will not be able to restart in 2022, in the absence of a long preparation.

“With the air borders that only reopened just two months ago, it is impossible for us to organize everything in just four months, knowing that artist reservations require at least ten months. »

Based on this observation and the fact that the authorities have not yet officially lifted the ban on open-air festivals, there will be no edition in June 2022.

When asked why the Sacred Music Festival of Fez, which also takes place in open places, won an authorization, our source explains that this meeting will be held in a restricted format, that is, for a period of four days instead of the previous ten. .

“Jazzablanca and Tanjazz are just waiting for the authorizations”

Unlike his colleagues who, due to lack of time, will postpone the celebration of their events until 2023, the promoter Moulay Ahmed Alami, who produces the festivals by Jazzablanca and Tanjazz tells us it’s over ready, and that their teams are just waiting for administrative authorizations to get going.

“Since the December decree that prohibits their possession has not yet been lifted, we are waiting. We know that the Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech, organized by the Ministry of Culture, will take place from 1it is to July 5, and that Timitar’s in Agadir was also confirmed in mid-July,” says our source.

“We are impatient to get the authorizations, because the programming of Jazzablanca, which should be held at the beginning of July, and that of Tanjazz, scheduled for the end of September, are well advanced at 90%”, confides Alami, who hopes that his teams will not will be seen before a postponement of the scheduled dates.

“In June 2022, the Essaouira festival will take the form of a national tour”

According faithful sponsor of the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music FestivalThe postponement of large annual meetings, such as those of Mawazine and Oasis, is also explained, and above all, by the difficulty of finding sponsors in a post-health crisis period marked by uncertainty.

“If it takes several months to hire the artists, the most difficult thing for a promoter is, in the first place, to find the necessary financing to pay the fees, the personnel, the infrastructures… That is why the organizers of the ‘Essaouira they are working on a tour project, with concerts of Gnaoua and world music that will take place in several cities in Morocco throughout the month of June’, our source points out.

In short, it is the festival that will attend its public in closed venues, and in open places whose access will be well controlled, specifies this sponsor. Therefore, we will have to wait until 2023 to find a classic edition of the Gnaoua and World Music Festival in the city of Essaouira.

“The Marrakech du Rire will take place during the summer period”

Finally, we learned from a source close to the Marrakech du Rire organization that this event will take place in the summer, but we will have to wait to find out more.

“We will have to wait until Monday, April 11 to find the format that will be selected on the Marrakech du Rire site, as well as the scheduled artists and the dates of the shows for each of them,” our source indicates.


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