To the gnoof! Filmo balances a prison selection that will be submitted in perpetuity


A genre with codes synonymous with tension and suspense, the prison film pits its heroes against a fiercely hostile environment. And the platform puts it in the spotlight with the inventiveness we know.

Whether they are innocent, guilty, completely insane, victims or predators, the men behind bars must survive in a hostile environment, which encapsulates and multiplies all the problems that arise outside. Concentrated micro-society where the law of the strongest is often the best, the prison jungle allows storytellers to replay our oldest anxietiesor precipitate unexpected mixtures in their sets, turning some stories into infernal sieges, and others into fascinating psychological on camera.

So many possibilities explored so well in the March selection Filmo, SVOD subscription service, which will cost you 6.99 euros per month after its free trial period. A damn tempting offer, since it will allow you to lay your eyes on great entertainment, creations of forgotten authors, films of all genres, but above all, nuggets invisible anywhere else.

The test with a little preview of the prison theme who points to the end of their wives these days.

Prison Break: photo, Wentworth Miller“Do you think we’re in Filmo?”


It’s a case study, almost unique in the history of cinema, and a big exclusion, as the film is available for the first time in France, since its theatrical release in 1988. We follow serial killer Charles Reece, who loves above all to brutally murder random human beings, before purifying himself by spraying himself their blood. Entitled Rampage In the United States, the feature film was exploited for the first time in an assembly that frankly questioned the interest of the death penalty, establishing that the madness of his murderer led him to irresponsibility, while justifying the morbid and ultimately murderous impulses of officials in disguise.

The blood of punishment: photo

Smile you’re fired

But with time, The opinion of William Friedkin it has evolved, so much so that he decided to re-edit it in 1992, to make a radically different film, clearly in favor of the death penalty. This second version could never be exploited in France, and thanks to Filmo we have the first opportunity to see this radical experience. No matter how simplistic the message conveyed, the blood of punishment it is above all the opportunity to rediscover all the talent of its author when it comes to endangering our moral positions.

The precision of its staging, its ability to gradually undermine all our certainties, but above all to divert all expectations of the genre, make this chronicle of evil a one-way dive down the rabbit hole. Because after a barrage of unstoppable violence, our chilling killer is caught, and the story of his fall in the game of cat and mouse between the prosecutor and the accused, the former trying to determine how and why he should get the latter’s death penalty. If you’re willing to go into Friedkin’s mental dungeon and let him throw the key to the crocodiles, the blood of punishment it’s made for you.

The blood of punishment: photo, Alex McArthur

And here is the serial killer smurf


when he realizes Bronson, Nicholas Winding Refn He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She has had difficulty working since Upstart and he fears that his career will fade. Between anger and despair, he manages to package this whimsical adaptation of an existence that grabs headlines.. He will investigate the frustrated fate of Michael Gordon Peterson, considered the most violent prisoner in England. The man has spent most of his life in a cage, using brutality as his preferred mode of expression.

future director of Driveor The Silent Warrior – Valhalla Rising he already shows off his Kubrickian inspirations, which he mixes with a fierce love of pop art, coupled with a healthy dose of absurdity. But what is most striking in this portrait of a wrecking ball searching for its humanity, is the hollow portrait he paints of his filmmaker. Precisely, we feel that behind the delirious imagery of the film, appears the silhouette of a creator who has broken the ban, which already announces the radical turn that his career will take.

But all this would be nothing without this amazing first performance by a certain Tom Hardy, who landed his first substantial film role there. In this movie, he also brilliantly demonstrates the furnaces of madness that he’ll be able to fire better than anyone for years to come. From the bottom of the dank cell where the beast roars, that’s all the creative fury of a roaring cinema that gives us its birth certificate.

Bronson: photo, Tom Hardy

“What if I sharpen this pencil with my teeth?”


One might think that, like the men who are detained there, a prison is a restrictive setting for a director. On the occasion of this amazing first feature film, steve mcqueen shows that this is not the case, since it demonstrates a filmic creativity synonymous with an amazing symbolic power. In three acts and hardly more planes, evokes the journey of one of the most famous Irish political prisonerswhose struggle and sacrifice are still today emblematic of the struggles related to political prisoners.

How to remain a free individual, within an institution that mocks even the most elementary freedoms? How to assert the right to dignity, besieged by a State that even denies people’s identity. With a film that encompasses all the sensory jolts of a pivotal political struggle, Hunger instantly captivates. Sometimes excruciatingly harsh, always saved by the dignity of writing and filming, McQueen takes our pulse and relentlessly questions what underlies our relationship with oppression, our necessary thirst for rebellion.

Hunger: photo, Michael Fassbender

And Michael Fassbender was

It is into this tumult of anger, righteousness and confrontation that Michael Fassbender appears, with unrelenting precision. Until the last moments of the film, whenplays a dying Bobby Sands, reminds us of the ability of cinema to take its viewers out of their limits and comfort zone. More than an uplifting “true story”, or a test for the senses, Hunger works like a majestic truth serum.

Prison films not only hide innumerable forms and interpretations of this symbolic place, as well as those who inhabit it, but also Filmo has prepared many more surprises for the curiouspearls or rarity in the matter, as long as they are curious to subscribe to the platform, or discover the free trial it offers.

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