These 2 actors are leaving the series and will join Here Everything Begins, all the details!


Sad news for fans of Plus Belle La Vie. Two actors from the series join Here Everything Begins!

The actors in our French series are definitely not lacking in resources! If you’ve been following Plus Belle La Vie so far, know that some of your favorite characters could be taking on a whole new role in one of the hottest series of the moment.

A radical change that, however, could attract a lot of viewers. Especially since more and more of them are making this choice! Culturefemme reveals some details about this casting change!

From Life More Beautiful to Everything Begins Here?

It’s a big change that fans of more beautiful life has to face. The series, which has had several seasons, could well be coming to an end. The rumor had shaken the web a few weeks ago and continues to sow doubts among fans. It must be said that despite the announcement, the transmissions are still continuing. Therefore, we will have to be patient to know if the program will really be relegated to oblivion after this latest saga.

Meanwhile, the actors take the lead! The latter will tell us that “we have to live well”! And it’s also a completely normal choice to seek out a lifeline in case the soap opera they’re currently on is stopped. A solution that seems ready for some, since some actors will be in another French television series! Many of them have joined the cast in recent months.

Don’t get me wrong, you weren’t dreaming when you read the title of this article! It is with “Here Everything Begins” that some actors from Plus Belle La Vie have decided to go. A rather confusing choice when it is known that the two telenovelas are competitors. Let us not forget that it is Demain Nous Belong from which the history of the Institute is derived and not of the Mistral. However, this does not prevent the actors from moving from one series to another.

A few days ago, it was two other actors from the Plus Belle La Vie series who decided to go on an adventure! The opportunity for them to create new characters but also to be a part of this successful show. Something to delight viewers of the series who are eagerly awaiting its arrival!

Who are the newcomers to Here Everything Begins?

The news fell a few days ago. Indeed, Francois-Dominique Blin will be part of the cast of Here Everything Begins! The latter was known to the general public as “Father Alejandro”. He had then taken Father Matthieu’s place with the Mirta parish a few years ago. A title he was very attached to throughout the episodes of Plus Belle La Vie.

By integrating the new series, it is therefore like Philippe Teyssier that the latter will be revealed to the general public. Is about brother of Emmanuel Teyssier who is currently played by Benjamin Baroche. If this role already intrigues more than one, viewers will not be disappointed to learn more about him in the coming days. In fact, his character will be visible on the small screen from April 12.

Another profile that the Plus Belle La Vie team should drop in favor of Here Everything Begins: roman freedman. The latter is currently known as Lucie Boher in show 3. But she could therefore take on a new role at the Institute if the announcements made on Twitter are to be believed. If the confirmations of this casting change have not yet been seen, the viewers can only rejoice in such a situation.

You should know that the Plus Belle La Vie program is not lacking in drama. But the success of the latter is also severely tested over time. Especially since news continues to arrive on other channels.

Plus Belle La Vie: Are there already several outlets?

The departure of these two actors from Plus Belle La Vie in favor of another series is not new. In fact, there have already been some precedents that have shocked viewers in recent months. This is particularly the case for Samuel Allan Abitbol who currently stars in the series Here Everything Begins.

If you are a fan of Plus Belle La Vie, you should not panic! You can easily find your favorite actors in Here Everything Begins. And with new characters!


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