The release date for the sequel to the Netflix series has finally been announced!


Many of us are wondering when Squid Game Season 2 will finally be released. Its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk gives us an answer.

After the unexpected phenomenal success of the South Korean series squid game, the possibility of a second season was never in doubt. Although its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk was slow to confirm, the release date of squid game season 2 has finally been announced!

In mid-October 2021, Netflix viewers got a big surprise they didn’t expect. In fact, it became the most watched series on the platform after just a few days of its release. Will this new saga break this record?

Squid Game season 2: everything you need to know so far

When Hwang Dong-hyuk finished writing the first season of the show, he never imagined that it would be a huge success. The writer never had the urge to write a sequel so soon. In fact, Squid game season 2 could never have taken place. But given the number of requests the creator received, he had no choice but to continue his work. The Netflix platform has also already ordered some episodes.

For information, Hwang Dong-hyuk I imagined in a long-métrage lorsqu’il l’a écrit in 2009. Le script est resté dans son ordinateur pendant dix ans parce qu’aucune maison de production n’a accepted d’adapter his work. They considered it too childish! It was not until 2016 that there was talk of its realization. Indeed, Netflix he agreed to produce it and defined the concept as “original”. And it is the same streaming platform that will be in charge of the adaptation of season 2 of Squid Game.

However, the writer recently said that he currently has a lot of imagination to make Squid Game Season 2 more impactful and intriguing. In fact, other big games will be added based on the latest interviews that Hwang Dong-hyuk. Although he so far he has only written 3 pages. However, he promised that he is working on it and that he will not leave fans hungry.

Still, Squid Game Season 2 will take a while to finally air. In fact, Hwang pointed out that he is still writing scripts. This new saga is supposed to be completed no later than the end of 2024. Therefore, viewers will have to be patient. But one thing is for sure, season 2 will happen.

The awards won by the successful series

Having garnered an exorbitant viewing figure in Netflix history, the South Korean series has racked up several major awards. In fact, it has garnered glorious awards in some of the biggest categories. Hwang’s original work also received 30 major nominations. According to the few spoilers for Squid Game season 2, it is expected to break the previous season’s record.

Netflix’s original telenovela has won the award for best tv series during the Golden Globes. The characters were also awarded for their great effort and won awards such as: Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. This South Korean series has accumulated a total of 15 wins. Also, fans are hoping to see the same actors in Squid Game Season 2.

A month after the premiere of the first installment, it has been seen by more than 142 million public on Netflix. Despite its violent concept, the series remained a worldwide success. And even today, this number continues to increase little by little. The platform may explode again once Squid Game season 2 goes live.

However, the series also received a lot of criticism from the public. The gory and unfiltered death scenes left some viewers unsettled. Although the soap opera is accessible to everyone, parents fear that their children will be influenced and become brutal. They hope Squid Game Season 2 will be less violent. The first season has already captivated an entire generation, so fans are sure to watch it.

Squid Game season 2: Summary of the first part

This play by Hwang Dong-hyuk revolves around a contest in which 465 people participate. A large sum is made available to those who manage to survive the deadly trials. The concept is original: the players will face games and activities in the playgrounds. The writer noted that in Squid game season 2, there will be games that will be reviewed.

More than half of the candidates are killed! In fact, from the very first test, the candidates found themselves playing one two three sun , but in a completely different version. Whoever moves after the countdown will be shot immediately. Fans are wondering, could we find this scene in the series?


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