the reboot (again) resurrected with a new cast


After more than a decade of false starts, the reboot of The Raven leaves with a new director and a new cast.

If we know anything about Hollywood, it is its stubbornness in not leaving cult movies alone, which the studios are desperate to resurrect. Terminator, Ghostbusters or Star wars are all examples of beloved franchises that the producers refuse to abandon forever, through multiple remakes, reboots, prequels, and other sequels. Last victim: The Raven.

Produced in 1994 by Alex Proyas (Dark City, predictions), the film adapted from the James O’Barr comic enjoyed, beyond an undeniable quality, an almost legendary aura. after the accidental death of Brandon Leein the set. Since this sad affair, which will have in any case aroused the morbid curiosity of the audience and will have, in fact, participated in its success, Hollywood is clinging to the raven, in particular with a reboot project of The Raven.

And after multiple false starts and hellish development, the reboot relaunches once again, with director Rupert Sanders (snow white and the huntsman), and the actor bill skarsgard.

The Raven: photo, Brandon Lee“Tadam, New Year, New Me”

L’ENFER du reboot THE CROW

But let’s go back first to the (more than) chaotic development of the reboot project, and to the state of the saga. The Raven.

At first, Hollywood tried to capitalize on the success of The Raven with three sequels, each leaving a taste more bitter than expired yogurt: The Raven, the city of angels (nineteen ninety six), Tthe raven: salvation (2000) and The Raven 4: Evil Prayer (2005). Not forgetting the series The Raven: Stairway to Heaven (one season, in 1998).

Later, a reboot project was announced, with a dizzying waltz of directors, screenwriters and actors. Director Stephen Norrington (Sword) was the first to success in 2008, but soon gave up. In 2011, it was Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 weeks later) who took over, to be replaced by F. Javier Gutiérrez (The Circle: Rings) in 2012.

The Raven 4 : Evil Prayer : PhotoCan’t get any worse than The Crow 4 (unless…)

On the casting side, it was a fairground for rumors. Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston or even Alexander Skarsgård (which is very ironic given the cast of 2022) were more or less attached to the title role, until Luke Evans was hired in 2013.

But in 2014, everything fell apart once again. Director Corin Hardy (Nonne, Le sanctuary) is hired and Jack Huston is cast to replace Luke Evans, with filming scheduled for 2015. The Raven then it seems on the rails… except that Jack Huston leaves in his turn. The search for a new actor stops quickly for business stories, with bankruptcy of Relativity Media.

In 2016, relaunch, still with Corin Hardy, and Jason Momoa in the lead role. In 2018, a new clash: the director and the actor leave the ship. Since then, the project seemed buried.

The Raven : photoA complicated matter to resurrect this recalcitrant raven from its ashes

raven revival

A great curse for the restart of The Raven Thus. However, the raven appears to have turned into a phoenix. Then Deadline announces that director Rupert Sanders (snow white and the huntsman, ghost in the shell) was hired to direct the film.

Bill Skarsgård (That, El Diablo, all the time), the younger brother of Alexander Skarsgård who, therefore, had been proposed for the role at the time (a pledge of the years that have passed since the beginning of the project), will play the famous Eric Draven.

At his side, thea singer fka twigs It has also been confirmed in the cast. If her role is currently uncertain, she’s a safe bet that she’ll play the role of Shelly Webster, Eric’s murdered fiancée.

The devil all the time: photo, Bill SkarsgårdThe entire film crew praying for the shooting to go smoothly.

Rupert Sanders, who has behind him the small failure of ghost in the shell with Scarlett Johansson, she obviously shared her enthusiasm in Deadline :

“The Crow is dark, poetic and at times haunting. It’s a story of love, loss and revenge. It’s a great honor to be able to revisit James O’Barr’s iconic comic book and reimagine The Crow for today’s context.” “.

No doubt to escape the curse of the crow, the return of The Raven (with a budget of about $50 million) seems to be making rapid progress, to say the least: cameras should be ready to shoot between Prague and Munich from June 2022. But do we really have to wear ourselves out remaking a film that, after all, is more than enough on its own?


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