the painful announcement just dropped.


The actor Frédéric Bouraly alias José in “Domestic Scenes” was received by Faustine Bollaert, his revelations revealed.

How is the real life of your heroes in it begins today and above all the life of joseph in Domestic Scenes by Frédéric Bouraly. She was in the company of Shirley Bousquet and Fabrice Deville, but also Laurent Kerusoré and Cécilia Hornus (Plus belle la vie).

The painful revelations of Frédéric Bouraly!

it is the first one Serie of my life that I do, said Frédéric Bouraly (José in Scenes from houses) before making revelations about the operation and behind the scenes. We only shoot a day or two a month, he said in the introduction.

Domestic scenes by Frédéric Bouraly

A work rhythm that allows you to be in the theater at the same time or your partner to go to the cinema. He also clarified that the series offers him a rare luxury.

It is we at the beginning who choose our texts. For example in three days, we are going to do a reading. There is twenty authors who work for us. I also wrote it at the beginning, but I don’t have time. It is the most extraordinary luxury. But it is thanks to the producer, he explains Frederic Bouraly.

For example, we will read hundreds of texts that authors have written for us, for all couples, and we are only going to keep twenty. But we chose them from the beginning. It’s a luxury, because Alain Kappauf and the producers had the intelligence to say that if we don’t make people laugh, we won’t be funny, he continues. A privilege that made others jealous actors. She should be everywhere like this, he finished her.

Frédéric Bouraly (José in Scenes from houses) did not imagine such a success

If the series currently gathers more than 4 million viewers every night, who plays José was convinced that it was going to be a failure. Because at the time, I didn’t imagine it wouldn’t work. This is the first time a series is scheduled at 8 pm

We, in front of us, at that time, there were already Prettier life, all JT. There was Canal + which worked fine. He had told Valérie: ‘It’s great, we had a lot funny, but we will explode in flight. It will never work! he said. Y Frederic Bouraly he is happy that he made a mistake.

Frédéric Bouraly, a popular actor

Frédéric Bouraly disease

Frederic Bouraly was born in May 1960 in Allier, where he quickly developed a passion for theater and comedy. It was in the theater where she began in 1980 with the room High surveillance, then the following year with Les deux orphelins. Like many actors, he also played Molière with Les sages and 1982 and Le Bourgeois gentilhomme in 1983. 4 years later, he appeared in the cast of Jules’s adaptation cease by Robert Hossein.

In addition, Frédéric Bouraly (José in home scenes) also began his acting career dedicating himself to dubbing since he lent his voice to Mister Satan in Dragon Ball Z. At the end of the 1990s he made his film debut obtaining small roles, such as in comedy. The Schpountz (1999) where he plays a policeman.

Frederic Bouraly Hospital

Later, Frédéric Bouraly plays a doctor in Dany Boon’s La Maison du bonheur or Gérard Lanvin’s neighbor in Error bank in your favor. In addition to the cinema, it is on television where he will shine.

After having chained the small papers, it is since 2009 José in home scenesa somewhat lazy and dreamy city council official who regularly comes up with surprising ideas, often driving his wife Liliane to despair.

On the side of the heart, he is partner with a certain Cécile since 1988 and is the father of two children. In the coming weeks and months, People Act magazine will surely talk about Frédéric Bouraly (José in household scenes).

Frederic Bouraly actor

Frédéric Bouraly (Domestic Scenes) reveals that his mother is hospitalized

Frédéric Bouraly, cult actor in the series home scenes in M6, he sent a message of thanks to the staff of the Mâcon hospital. In fact, the latter takes care of his mother, currently supported for an unknown reason.

Since the start of the health crisis, caregivers have become stars on social media Not a day goes by without the one’s star. Recently, Patrick Bruel He even composed a song for them, to salute their efforts in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But more recently, it is Frédéric Bouraly, emblematic actor of the series. home sceneswho spoke of them. On Twitter, in fact, she shared a snapshot in which pose surrounded by several nurses. Despite the masks, the smiles stand out in most of them.

In comments, Valérie Karsenti’s fictitious husband sends his thanks. The staff at the Mâcon hospital who treat my mother are wonderful! he writes, without specifying why they treated her mother. A message that has touched Internet users, many of whom wish her father a speedy recovery.

Frédéric Bouraly had been hospitalized a few months earlier.

Frederic Bouraly

A few weeks earlier, Frédéric Bouraly himself had to be hospitalized. in a short message posted on Twitter, announced that he had been admitted to the emergency room. The reason ? The 60-year-old actor had been the victim of a accident which he himself describes as quite funny.

When you want to check whether the iron has cooled down, don’t put your hand flat on it! Especially if it’s hot! One more time domestic accident Stupid, I put my hand in the fire!, the native of Moulins had made known with humor.

Once again, he was grateful to the caregivers, to whom he had already addressed a ditty in the midst of a health crisis. All the nurses, all the nurses are in trouble, but it’s to save us.

We are very proud of them, we want to celebrate them, but just yesterday we forgot them, he sang. Between Frédéric Bouraly and the hospital staff, it is a long love story!


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