The Nouvelliste | Georgy, First Lady and Queen Mother of the Compass


We meet at a popular Caribbean restaurant in southeast Florida. Neat makeup, red hair, luscious lips, Georgy is dressed to the nines. It is 9:45 pm The interview begins without delay. The restaurant’s reggaeton doesn’t bother us, anyway we are going to talk about music with the former singer and dancer of the group ZIN from the 80s and 90s. Moments before we were watching an old performance by the group on the YouTube channel, apparently at edge of a beach in Haiti. In addition to the singer Alan Cavé, there are two young dancers and singers together with the latter who attract attention. Remembering this show, Georgy smiles. “It was on Kaliko beach [côte des Arcadins, Ndlr]. I don’t remember the year, but it was me and Maggy Foreste, the two young singers.she remembers.

Compas, Haitian dance music, has always been dominated by men. Marie George Métellus, better known as Princess Georgy, and Maggy Foreste, her best friend at the time, were in a way the pioneers of singers and dancers in a compas-leaning musical group. The presence of these two young women with Alan Cavé aroused some curiosity and was the subject of debate. Especially since it was about two teenagers who had to be on the school bench, speaking “Haitian”. Not all Haitian parents would agree to hand over their teenage daughters to a group of musicians who put on performances here and there, from night to night. “My parents were reluctant to the idea at first, Meet Princess Georgy. It is not for singing on stage with a musical group, but for having chosen to evolve in the Haitian environment when I started in the United States. My mom thought I was talented enough for America. She said that Haitian artists were not respected enough…”

Georgy grew up in New York. At the age of 15, she was a member of a musical group called Kajou by Clifford Sylvain, among others. He would later join The Partners, the former name of King Kino and Jensen Desrosiers’ Phantoms. “It was during a show at my school that I met King Kino, former Phantoms drummer Jensen Desrosiers, as well as promoter Richard Urbain, Trust Princess Georgy. I was then introduced to Alex Abellard, Eddy St-Vil and Alan Cavé who were planning to start a zouk machine style band. After my performance, Alex Abellard wanted at all costs to have me in his group. He noticed me again during another performance at my school. I was dancing ballet. Impressed by my performance when I performed a Whitney Houston song, he told me again that he absolutely loved me as a singer. That’s how I became a ZIN singer and dancer. »

In fifteen years marked by long absences, the princess, recently honored in Florida as “Queen of Compas (queen of the compass)”, has made a name for herself with her sometimes electric dances and hits such as “Kòk”, “Kenbe m” , ” Lanmou sa”, a duet with Alan Cavé, “Pale w pale”, “Koyo”, “Haiti”… This last one is one of his favorite songs.

Honored as “Queen of the Compass”

After long years of breaking up with ZIN, Princess Georgy reappeared with the group Hangout of Pipo Stanis, current singer of Klass, before disappearing again. She has returned to show herself on stage in recent years on some bills with Disip or on tour with ZIN, the group that made her a princess. the Haitian American Art Network he honored her on March 5 as the “Queen of Compass”. The princess, let’s say the first lady, the queen, the queen mother (today the compass has younger queens) takes out of her bag her two honor plaques and the crown that were given to her, with a hint of pride. “We do it almost every year. I appreciate it “she breathes.

Georgy shares her life between Florida and New York. He spends most of his time preparing for his next album. As she awaits the release of the album, the singer promises her fans a song coming soon. It will be titled “Ou mèt ale” or maybe “1 to 1”. The first song is a mix of zouk-flavored beats. No date is given for the release of the song or the album. “I don’t want to give a date, but I promise it will be for this year”guarantees the 52-year-old singer.

Today, unlike in the 1990s, several young singers circulate at high speed along the avenue du compas. Georgy feels that he has shown the way. Do you think some of the new singers look like her? ” Not really “tempers the princess in her cream bodice and black pants, sitting on her heels. However, she is in love with Danola. A “boycotted” singer, full of talent, who has everything, according to her, to shine anywhere. Princess Georgy insists, the work of the elders must be respected. “Today I feel proud because the goal has been reached, because there are more women in the compass trend. However, I see that the elderly are not respected. For example, Beyonce was recently singing for Tina Turner, she was paying tribute to her…”. The dot master collects the dot…


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