the film about the chaotic GameStop affair has found its director


The Anti-Social Networkadapted from Ben Mezrich’s book of the same title on the incredible GameStop affair, found its director in the person of craig gillepsie.

There have been movies about games, games about movies, or even movies about games that take precedence within movies, but there was precisely missing footage about the very place where these games can be accessed. Oh, and by the way how to hack Wall Street, because ultimately, why not.

Thus, the GameStop affair, an unlikely takeover by a handful of stockbrokers and other Internet trolls in the world’s largest stock exchange, will be entitled to its film adaptation. Based on the book eponymous written by Ben Mezrich (to whom we also owe The accidental billionaires what is it based on the very very good The social network), The Anti-Social Network therefore, it will return to how a handful of Internet users have succeeded, by dint of investment, in forcing Wall Street to its knees.

The Social Network: photo, Jesse EisenbergSocial Network, Antisocial Network… the problem is in the network

As a reminder, in January 2021 and since the Covid-19 crisis, the price of many stocks has fallen drastically, allowing entry to the stock market with little investment. To buy and sell stocks cheaply, Americans can use the app RobinHood, which one user used to bet on a GameStop stock. But there is a catch.

A few days after this IPO of small investors, the group of hedge funds Melvin Capital bet on the fall of the cartel’s shares to exchange them for peanuts without salt. Disgusted by the price of the action, and also a bit of greed, the first user who bet on GameStop then goaded a whole gang of Internet users through the Reddit platform to massively invest in GameStop shares. Objective: raise the priceand undermine hedge funds at the same time.

Le Loup of Wall Street : photo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill

A case to look back Jordan Belfort all that…

To limit the breakout, the latter are forced to buy back the shares at several hundred times their price, but inevitably lose money. A lot of money. Melvin Capital thus recorded an estimated loss of about 3,750 million dollars. On January 28, at the height of the movement, app RobinHood decided to put an end to financial debauchery by temporarily ceasing all sales of GameStop stock… Stockbrokers saw this as an attempt by the markets to stifle small investors . And were they really wrong? Everyone will have their own opinion.

In any case, GameStop’s story sparked passions and it seemed obvious that the case would have the right to be adapted on screens (small or large). If Hollywood and Netflix have announced several projects around the case, the rights to Ben Mezrich’s book were very quickly obtained by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM for short), in January 2021, a week after the publication of the book. However, the right director remained to be found to tackle this incredible undertaking.

The Social Network: photo, Jesse EisenbergIf we don’t find Fincher, can we expect to see Jesse Eisenberg take part in this adaptation?

Exactly, according to Deadline, he is the director Craig Gillespie, who would have been chosen to take the controls. And frankly, who better to address the incident, accustomed as he is to grabbing the headlines of affairs as excessive as they are extravagant in order to better set his artistic touch? After all, given the knight’s previous projects between the stripper I Tonyand more recently three episodes of the sex scandal of pam and tommyit seems GameStop’s financial rampage is right on the director’s ropes.

Then between the massive rise in stocks, the outrage of traditional investors and the intensity of the media coverage, as much as to say that the case promises, if carried out, an eventful movie. Along with Gillespie, Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo d’orange is the new black, will participate in the script of Mezrich’s book. Michael de Luca, who participated in the production of The social networkwill also be attached to the project.

If information about a possible casting has not been communicated, It seems that The Anti-Social Network enters the pre-production phase in the summer. To be continue.


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