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Émilie Bordeleau, Suzie Lambert, Lucille Teasdale… Marina Orsini knows everything about iconic characters that permeate the collective imagination. So when she talks aboutanother story and who describes Anemone as “a remarkable role”, let’s pay attention.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Since 2019, the actress plays this woman who suffers from early Alzheimer’s with great abandon. This Monday night, her fate will be sealed forever as Radio-Canada presents the latest episode of the Chantal Cadieux soap opera (vivid memories, Providence).

This final will come after two “very profitable” time jumps, estimates Marina Orsini. Since January, the author-orchestrated year-long jumps have kept the action from stalling…while showing the ravages that the terrible disease wreaks not only on Anemone, but also on her son, Sébastien (Benoît McGinnis). ).

“It was so dense as a plot, as lived… Even us, the actors, when we received the texts, sometimes, we were like: “Huh? ! Is she her daughter after all?
[Rires] But the beauty is that it was believable. It worked. She always endured. »


Marina Orsini in another story

in interview zoomMarina Orsini remembers the months prior to the shooting of the first episodes ofanother story, in 2018. Before immersing herself in the world of Anemone/Manon, this embalmer with a heavy past(s), had met two women in their 40s and 45s who had been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. Sitting in front of her computer, the actress heaves a long sigh.

It is heartbreaking to talk to such young women with Alzheimer’s. I was able to film them while we chatted. I was able to ask them all kinds of questions. And I grabbed some business: the look, the hesitations, the energy, the gestures… It fed me a lot, a lot.

Marina Orsini

Throughout the seasons, Marina Orsini has not seen movies about Alzheimer’s to reproduce certain behaviors, not even last fall, before attacking the final block of filming, when the anemone state degenerates. She wanted to create her own character.

“Anyway, it was all in Chantal’s writing [Cadieux]. In each of the scripts we received there was a lot of description in addition to the dialogue, a lot of subtext… The intentions were clear. »


Still from the last episode ofanother story

a dangerous gift

another story marked the return of Marina Orsini, the actress. When ICI Télé began broadcasting the series in January 2019, the actress’s name had not appeared in the credits of a series since Launch and tell: The Tear, seven years earlier. During this period, she became a radio and television host for Rouge FM, Canal Vie and Radio-Canada.

Marina Orsini describes the character of Anemone as a “gift”. But it would have cost us little to talk today about a poisoned gift. Indeed, defending a fifty-year-old with Alzheimer’s who leads a double life involved several dangers, such as bordering on caricature. The experienced actress, however, managed to get around this trap. Supporting Evidence: Her trophy for Outstanding Female Lead in an Annual Drama Series, won at the 35this Gemini Award in 2020.

The testimonials he receives from the public also confirm his good work.

“People talk to me about it every day,” he says. The other time, at the bank, the teller almost burst into tears. He told me that he had gone through the ordeal of Alzheimer’s with his father. He came with teary eyes. He was very moving. »

Seal of approval for Ovila

Anemone is not the only Marina Orsini character to make people approach the actress in public. In 2022, Émilie Bordeleau, from daughters of Calebcontinues to fascinate the Beautiful Province. Her relationship with Ovila remains a reference when it comes to writing a love story on the screen, we recently responded to a multitude of Quebec television authors.

“It is very flattering, says Marina Orsini. I’m very, very proud of daughters of Caleb. I found it recently while watching TV. I was caught. It’s crazy how much he hasn’t aged. One would think that it was filmed two or three years ago. The production of Jean Beaudin, the direction of photography by Thomas Vamos… It has something timeless about it. »


Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis in caleb’s daughtersin 1990

Marina Orsini approves Ovilathe project of Redo fostered by the author Frédéric Ouellet (big bear, Failure). Last fall, SODEC revealed that the adaptation of the novel by Arlette Cousture developed in Urbania TV obtained its financial support. Composed of 10 episodes, the new series will revolve around the character of Ovila Pronovost, played by Roy Dupuis in the original work.

“It’s a good idea, says Marina Orsini. Especially after all this time. More than 30 years later, why not? »

After painting the portrait of a teacher who abandons her career to become a mother, the actress is curious to discover the world of Arlette Cousture from another point of view.

“It’s interesting to give people a voice, to show what they were going through at the time,” he says. Yes, the women who stayed behind with all the traces of the children, the land, the orchard, the buried winters… It wasn’t easy. But the men who left also suffered greatly. »

Ovila, you could see that he never felt like leaving. Yes, he was an alcoholic, a man with a very dark side, but going to Barraute in Abitibi for six months with a gang of men, away from his family, must not have been easy.

Marina Orsini

The continuation

With another story who comes out of the antenna and Second opportunity Taking a breather, Marina Orsini will benefit – apparently at least – from a reduced schedule for the next few months. Just her daily cooking show, 5 chefs in my kitchenreturns to ICI Télé in September.


Marina Orsini in 5 chefs in my kitchen

The actress and host, however, claims to have “several beautiful projects in the works.” But since nothing has been formalized yet, she must remain silent. “I’m super inspired,” she says. I am well surrounded. I’m still working. I’m very privileged. »

When asked about a career fantasy she hasn’t yet done, multiple award-winner Artis hesitates. For her next project, the 55-year-old actress simply wants to get away from Anemone.

But after a few seconds of silence, he specifies his answer: “At my age it is no longer possible, but it is clear that if I were 25-30 years old I would like to play a successful singer. Because I love to sing, I love music and I love to act. »

Does her dream, which she believes is over, still have a chance of coming true? Hard to say. But once released into the universe, who knows?

ICI Télé presents the latestanother story This Monday at 8:00 p.m. ICI TV Broadcasts 5 chefs in my kitchen Monday to Friday at 11:30 a.m.


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