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Inexorable by Fabrice Du Welz

With Benoît Poelvoorde, Alba Gaia Bellugi, Mélanie Doutey…

What is that talking about? On the death of her father, a famous publisher, Jeanne Drahi moved into the family home with her husband, Marcel Bellmer, a successful writer, and their daughter. But a strange young woman, Gloria, will interfere in the life of the family and will upset the order of things…

did you know Inexorable was conceived by Fabrice Du Welz as a home invasion in the tradition of 90s sexual thrillers: Basic Instinct, JF would share a flat, La Main sur le bassin… “These films full of sexual tension that I loved. I wanted us to get caught up, for the viewer to plunge into this vortex, to drown in the lies of Benoît Poelvoorde.”

What have we all done to God? by Philippe de Chauveron

With Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan…

What is that talking about? Soon it will be 40 years of marriage for Claude and Marie Verneuil. For this occasion, his four daughters decide to organize a big surprise party at the Chinon family home and invite the parents of each of the sons-in-law to spend a few days.

did you know What have we all done to God? is the sequel to What Have We Done to God? (2014) and What have we done to God again? (2019). Two lucrative comedies that garnered approximately 12.4 million admissions for the first and 6.7 million for the second.

At the same time by Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delépine

With Vincent Macaigne, Jonathan Cohen, India Hair…

What is that talking about? On the eve of a vote to approve the construction of an amusement park instead of a primary forest, an uninhibited right-wing mayor tries to corrupt his environmentalist colleague. But they are tricked by a group of young feminist activists who manage to keep them together.

Tales of Chance and Other Fantasies by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi

Avec Kotone Furukawa, Ayumu Nakajima, Hyunri…

What is that talking about? An unexpected love triangle, a seduction attempt that goes wrong and a meeting resulting from a misunderstanding. The trajectory of three women who will have to make a decision…

did you know The three stories that make up Tales of Chance and Other Fantasies were conceived by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi as the first in a series of seven episodes. If everything is written, the first two were shot at the end of 2019 and the third in July 2020, during the long interruption of the shooting of Drive My Car due to the health crisis.

The Bad Guys by Pierre Perifel

With Pierre Niney, Sam Rockwell, Igor Gotesman…

What is that talking about? THE BAD GUYS, the new adventure comedy from Dreamworks Animations, inspired by the best-selling children’s series of the same name, features a gang of animals, fearsome high-flying criminals, who are about to commit their most striking misdeed: becoming respectable citizens. .

did you know Frenchman Pierre Perifel was chosen by DreamWorks to direct Les Bad Guys. He is best known for directing the award-winning short films Bilby (2018) and The Building (2005). In addition, he worked as an animator on the three Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens or Shrek 4: Once Upon a Time.

Madness of Audrey Estrougo

With Virginie Van Robby, Lucie Debay, Anne Coesens…

What is that talking about? To celebrate her mother’s birthday, Emmanuelle comes to spend a few days at her childhood home. She finds there the past time and the memories that reign in the place, but also her older sister whose psychological instability has too often affected her family relationships.

did you know A la folie is a project with autobiographical resonances since it is inspired by the family history of Audrey Estrougo, although it is about a sick little brother (and not a sister like in the film) that she has.

Grandmother of Paco Plaza

With Almudena Amor, Vera Valdez, Karina Kolokolchykova…

What is that talking about? Susana, a young Spanish model, is about to break into the world of Parisian fashion. But when her grandmother is the victim of an accident that leaves her almost paralyzed, Susana must return to Madrid to her old apartment where she grew up to watch over what she is her only family.

did you know Fear of the passage of time and old age are the main themes of Abuela. The idea germinated in Paco Plaza’s head when he witnessed the illness of a great-aunt who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Basil Da Cunha’s World Movie

With Michel David Pires Spencer, Marco Joel Fernandes, Alexandre Da Costa Fonseca…

What is that talking about? After eight years in a reform school, Spira returns to Reboleira, a poor neighborhood in the process of destruction on the outskirts of Lisbon. As he meets up with his friends and family, Kikas, an old drug dealer from the neighborhood, makes him understand that he is not welcome.

did you know With O Fim do Mundo, Basil Da Cunha wanted to recount the last hours of the Reboleira neighborhood in Lisbon through the eyes of the generation that has seen it grow and take possession of the streets in recent years.

Do you know why I jump? by Jerry Rothwell

What is that talking about? When he writes at the age of 13 “Do you know why I jump?”, Naoki Higashida, a teenager with non-verbal autism does not know that he will cause a true revolution in the understanding of this disease and will become the spokesman for all. those who, like him, are misunderstood.

Freedom of Clara Roquet

Avec María Morera, Nicolle García, Vicky Peña…

What is that talking about? Spain, summer. Freedom bursts into the life of Nora, 15 years old, and shakes the usual calm of her family vacation. These two young opposites will then forge a deep friendship that will mark her entry into adolescence.

did you know Clara Roquet grew up in a conservative town in the north of Catalonia, in a bourgeois family that firmly believed in the values ​​of family ties. During her rebellious teenage years, she realized that many of her family conventions were based on lies.


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