The 8 best movies that make you cry, to watch on Netflix


Because crying your eyes out is always good (Amel Bent says it best), here are 8 poignant movies that will make you open the floodgates.

We don’t know about you, but we love a good cry in front of our TV.

Crying is cathartic, and it can happen for a thousand reasons. So here are 8 movies that will help you call it quits.

The things of life, by Claude Sautet

Image of Things in life, via Allociné
Image of Things in life, via Allociné

“Tonight we are September
And I closed my room
The sun will no longer enter
You do not love me anymore “

Here are the few lyrics to a song we can’t resist. The one that accompanies love and its dissolution in the most beautiful of Claude Sautet’s films: Life things.

Personally, we’re so obsessed with this movie that we have a poster above our bed, so nothing makes us happier than knowing it’s available on Netflix.

Life thingsis the banal and tragic story of a couple that falls apart.

At the wheel of his car, Pierre, an architect in his forties, is the victim of a traffic accident.

Ejected from the vehicle, he lies unconscious on the grass by the side of the road. He remembers his past, his life with Hélène, a young woman he wanted to leave, his wife Catherine and his son…


Look Life things on netflix

Call me by your name, by Luca Guadagnino

Call me by your name - Bande-annonce - VOST

Italy. Summer of 1983.

A young man spends his days in the family home, a kind of 17th-century villa lost among the stone pines.

Elio Perlman is 17 years old and enjoys reading, flirting with his friend Marzia, listening to and playing classical music. Elio has romantic curls and at home we speak English, Italian and French.

Son of a teacher of Greco-Roman culture, and an eminent translator, he received a very good education and has a great general culture.

So many assets that make him a lovely boy, and above all very mature for his age.

One day, Oliver, an American of undeniable physical qualities, arrives to work with Elio’s father to prepare for his doctorate.

Between the two bodies heated by the dry Italian sun, desire arises…

call me by your name is an initiatory story born from the pen of James Ivory (Room with a view) and luca guadagnino (A bigger dip), based on a novel by André Aciman published in 2007.

A kind of First Sentimental EducationFlaubert style, so hot that the sheets remember it (sorry).

And our handkerchiefs too, because more than once we cried before this splendid film by Luca Guadagnino – although since then, one of its two main actors, Armie Hammer is at the center of an ultra-unhealthy case of sexual harassment and cannibalism.

Look call me by your name on netflix

The Secret of Brokeback Mountain by Ang Lee

The Secret of Brokeback Mountain - Cinematic

Summer of 1963, Wyoming.

two young men CowboysJack and Ennis are hired to herd a flock of sheep on Brokeback Mountain.

Isolated in the middle of wild nature, their complicity gradually becomes an attraction as irresistible as it is unexpected.

At the end of the transhumance season, the two men must separate.

Ennis marries his fiancée, Alma, while Jack marries Lureen.

When they meet again four years later, one glance is enough to rekindle the love born on Brokeback Mountain.

If we did not cry burning tears in front of this masterpiece, the internal damage was not minor.

If you’re not a fan of contemplative movies, this one might seem a bit long… But it’s definitely worth it.

Look The Secret of Brokeback Mountain on netflix

Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach

Marriage Story |  VOSTFR trailer |  France Netflix

If the name of this director means nothing to you, you have probably already come across one of Noah Baumbach’s fictions in the corner of a cinema or a magazine.

In 15 years he has signed a dozen films, all with their own identity but with the stamp of their creator.

We encourage you to see america lover, Frances Ha, The Meyerowitz stories, While we are young Where Margot goes to the wedding..

The director often explores the themes of disappointed love, time that dulls feelings, fleeing youth and creation.

So many themes that come together in marriage storyhis intimate and universal drama that earned Laura Dern an Oscar for Best Actress.

marriage story, is the story of a director and his actress wife, who fight in an attempted divorce, forgetting the love that once united them. Autobiographical?

Perhaps since Baumbach himself went through a painful separation and divorce from his wife Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2010.

In any case, marriage story It is one of the most successful movies of 2020 and one of the best on the Netflix platform.

Look marriage story on netflix

120 beats per minute by Robin Campillo

120 BEATS PER MINUTE Trailer + Excerpt (Adèle Haenel - Cannes 2017)

120 beats per minute was introduced to cannes in 2017 and marked the the croisette !

Nothing more normal than that, because this feature film has the effect of a big slap in the face. Follow the daily struggle of a young activist of Act Up, an association that fights against AIDS, in the 90s.

robin campillothe director, focuses on the actions of young people who are determined to make a difference, whether they are HIV-positive or not.

Inside 120 beats per minutewe meet two formidable actors who amaze French cinema with their talent: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart (I’m yours) and Arnaud Valois (The RER girl).

In a slightly more secondary role, you will find adela haenel.

The work of the director had already challenged us, especially with his film eastern boys, a powerful filmic object that left everything behind.

Prostitution, violence and provocation: these were the topics that the filmmaker addressed. Abrupt themes but treated with great delicacy.

robin campillo has the good habit of creating impressive films and this will have earned him, in 2017, the Grand Jury Prize for 120 beats per minute.

Look 120 beats per minute on netflix

Malcolm and Marie by Sam Levinson

Malcolm and Mary |  VOSTFR Official Trailer |  France Netflix

At first sight, malcolm and marie it captivates neither with its sumptuous sets nor with its complicated mise-en-scène. On the contrary, everything is simplicity in the plasticity of this film, however elegant.

In black and white, Sam Levinson’s fiction takes place behind closed doors in an impressive shack, but almost too small to support the great dramas of its inhabitants. The camera, sometimes behind the bay window, sometimes inside a bedroom or bathroom, captures the distant silhouettes of a Malcolm calming his anger in the tall grass, or the face of a Marie haunted by painful introspection. .

Nothing extraordinary in the way of filming: the work is visually classiclike his inspirations from which we imagine dancing the waltz White House on sailor and lula.

However, it only takes a few seconds to understand that malcolm and marie It has the power of films that mark the skin with a hot iron. Not because of the images, not because of the extraordinary, but because of the tenor of his dialogues.

It is the story of Malcolm, a director of mediocre films, all of them afflicted by bad press, who has just triumphed a few moments before, at the premiere of his new feature film -the story of a twentysomething-. old black drug addict, which she tries as she can to overcome her demons.

Marie, his partner, is angry with Malcolm. Not that she’s fundamentally jealous of her partner’s success… but he did make a mistake more or less deliberately: he didn’t mention it in his acceptance speech.

During 1h46 of what seems like a clash of wounded egos, the two lovers, sometimes furious, sometimes complicit, blame each other for their victories and their defeats.

If you don’t scream out loud, we don’t know what you need!

Look malcolm and marie on netflix

pieces of a woman from Kornél Mundruzcó

Pieces of a Woman |  VOSTFR Official Trailer |  France Netflix

pieces of a woman is the first American film by the Hungarian Kornél Mundruzcó, director of sublime Tender Son, White Dog and Jupiter’s Moon, all noticed at Cannes. Its first American production has already been acclaimed by several major international festivals, including the Venice Film Festival, where the film’s lead actress, Vanessa Kirby (After You, The crown), received the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.

pieces of a womanThis is the story of Martha Carson, a young woman who loses her baby during childbirth, as a result of this tragedy, embarks on a strong inner journey, to meet his demons, his gaps and his doubts.

This duel pushes her to rethink the (conflictive) relationship with her husband and forces her to oppose her mother, who encourages her to denounce the nurse who helped her give birth. What Martha refuses to do…

AND pieces of a woman has all the irresistible and necessary drama, it should be noted that it is partly taken over by Shia LaBeouf, who is currently in the midst of justice for domestic violence.

Which unfortunately tarnishes our love for the movie.

Look pieces of a woman on netflix

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, by Jacques Demy

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Trailer 2018

Cherbourg Umbrella received critical and popular acclaim when it was released in 1964. It even won the palm d’or and so it has forever carved out a place for itself in the immense but ruthless heart of cinema.

In November 1957, in Cherbourg, Geneviève and her mother, Madame Emery, ran an umbrella shop.

Geneviève is in love with Guy, a mechanic. But she must go to war in Algeria. Geneviève becomes pregnant and, pushed by her mother, she ends up giving in to the marriage proposal of Roland, a rich jeweler…

Cherbourg UmbrellaIt is the story of a resigned love, which fits perfectly in its time.

If the image, the codes and the society it represents no longer seem very modern, this musical jewel remains an unbeatable classic of cinema, which is good to see at any time of the year.

Look Cherbourg Umbrella on netflix

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