The 5 best… and the 5 worst roles of Christian Clavier in the cinema



5. grandpa resists by Jean-Marie Poire (1983)

« At a quarter past ten, fireworks by Michel Taupin. I have a date with history. ” Inside grandpa resistsfor which he co-signs the script, Christian Clavier takes on the role of Michel Taupin, a Latin professor who has become the fifth wheel of the wagon with the Bourdelle family, and resistant ” Weak will to the limit of incapacity. “, always next to the plate. If this great Gugnolesque parody of army of shadows has become a cult movie, Christian Clavier has something to do with it.

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Four. tanned people go skiing Patrice Leconte (1979)

In the role of Jérôme, the pedantic doctor whose pride is undermined, Clavier has reserved some of the film’s many cult scenes. We remember in particular the slalom competition: Popeye (Thierry Lhermitte) forgets to time it in training and invents a false record time. When it comes time for the actual race, Jérôme is furious when he realizes that his performance is not up to par. Before he became this screen gobbler, Clavier was just as fun in the collective.

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3. my best friends by Jean-Marie Poire (1988)

An air of Sautet, more rock. Jean-Marie Poiré stages the reunion of six twenty-year-old friends, the moment of a weekend where nostalgia mixes with old grudges. Christian Clavier plays Jean-Michel, the film’s narrator, a former hipster turned dentist. Madly in love with the beautiful Bernadette, a former chorus girl in her music group, he has never been able to sleep with her and sees these days as the opportunity to conclude. Jean-Pierre Bacri lends his features to Guido, a former singer in the band, who has taken a vow of abstinence so as not to get AIDS and compensates for sex with excessive sports practice. Dany, played by Jean-Pierre Darroussin, is a lunar and casual character, whose response ” no man died will continue to be worship. A simple and moving film.

two. santa claus is trash by Jean-Marie Poire (1982)

A corrosive and cult film, bloody dialogues and priceless actors. Thierry Lhermitte, Anémone, Josiane Balasko, Gérard Jugnot and… a legendary Christian Clavier, playing a depressed transvestite in search of love. It is nothing to say that this is one of his best performances. With his wig, his leopard coat, his broken heel and his fake-ass air, Clavier is all at once hilarious, pathetic and touching. The scene that still makes us die laughing after viewing 3,000: the pause between the hit Thierry Lhermitte, permanent SOS Détresse Amitié, and Clavier aka Katia, to the sound of “Destiny” by Guy Marchand. And this response, thrown by an exasperated Lhermitte at Clavier’s haggard gaze and advances: “ Let go of me, you dirty bastard! It’s not your feet that bother me, it’s your vice! “. Forty years after its release, we still haven’t recovered!

1. The visitors by Jean-Marie Poire (1993)

Of course, we have seen it 40 times, but we will always salute this monument of humor found the stupid dinner Where the three brothers in this decade of the 90s that was so successful for French comedies. The inventiveness of the setting, the mechanics of the dialogues, the staging of Jean-Marie Poiré (who has not yet been massacred with a chainsaw, as in episode 2) and of course the perfect duo Jean Reno-Christian Clavier still makes us to laugh. In the role of Jacqouille the Rogue, the actor appropriates a part of De Funès’ heritage to transform it into a character etched in popular culture, a cult replica submachine gun.

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the flops

5. Asterix and Obelix vs Caesar by Claude Zidi (1999)

Inconsistent comedy, awkward staging, and actors who do tons. In the foreground, the Depardieu-Clavier tandem, alias Asterix and Obelix, who reproduce the blow of their artificial quarrels, unfold in Guardian Angels (Jean-Marie Poiré, 1995): “ It bothers me ! – No, you, you bother me! “. In a tournament of slaps, histrionics and grimaces in front of a Depardieu, tough guy with a soft heart, Clavier takes no chances, simply offers a new version of Jacquouille the scoundrel, his iconic role of the visitors. Far from the restrained cardinal of the legendary Gallic hero, but quick to delight children. “ Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s he thunders In Goscinny and Uderzo too. And to think that Jean-Marie Poiré had thought of Daniel Auteuil for the role of Asterix…

Four. Visitors 2, the corridors of time by Jean-Marie Poire (1998)

But what is this binz? For once, Christian Clavier is not necessarily a victim of his choice of role (we are dealing with the bourgeois period in a correct way What the hell have we done?) but the law of the series: in this case, the rule that the second work is less good than the first, or even downright bad. Hard, hard to get past The visitors and its phenomenal box office success. So here are our two acolytes, Godefroy de Montmirail and his faithful Jacquouille/Christian Clavier condemned to come and go in time, in revolutionary France or in the Middle Ages for Jacquard, the modern avatar of the Rogue, lets the viewer lose, like in back to the future 2. That said, in the face of the American remake and the third installment, we’re almost tempted to say that the Clavier-Reno duo saves a bit of furniture in these Visitors 2.

3. With open arms by Philippe de Chauveron (2017)

If you find the humor What the hell have we done?, With open armss, by the same director, has the lightness of a pachyderm in a skating competition. After the rich racist, Christian Clavier plays the goofy politician who wants to clear his conscience by hosting a Rom in his house (played by Ary Abittan). His dialogues are poorly written, his anger is exaggerated and the celebration of the coexistence falls apart. ” Tonight we are all gypsies! exclaims Christian Clavier, in a line that sums up the level of the film well.

two. Visitors to America by Jean-Marie Gaubert (2001)

And the American dream was shipwrecked. Conquering America with this adaptation of their masterpiece, Poiré (who signs the film under a pseudonym) and Clavier suffered more than failure: humiliation. Nothing is fun, everything softens, distorts, fades. Clavier, who likes to denigrate French political correctness throughout the interview, submitted to the one on the other side of the Atlantic and took it badly. Hello boredom.

1. the tans 3 Patrice Leconte (2006)

If you tan too much, you burn. The Splendid company returns and signs a film of great heaviness. Twenty-seven years later, Popeye, Nathalie, Jean-Claude, and the others go on vacation together. Jérôme, played by Clavier, wants Gigi back, now in a relationship with Jean-Claude. We crawl painfully from gag to gag. Christian Clavier doesn’t believe in that anymore, neither do we. To win 1:37, you can watch the trailer. Everything is inside.


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