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for a family so distinguished and worldly than that of the Bridgertons, it would not be well seen to sing the Marseillaise to express all our joy at the idea of ​​the premiere of series season 2, but neither. Today is a day of glory: this March 25, 2022, Netflix published the continuation of the adventures of Daphne, Kate, Anthony and the others, to the delight of its subscribers. This second chapter, adapted from the novel series of the same name by author Julia Quinn, focuses on Antony (jonathan bailey), the eldest of the family. After witnessing his sister Daphne’s happiness in the company of Simon, he too begins to search for love. If he leads the search for him without much conviction, with the main objective of satisfying his loved ones, things could change whenwill cross paths with Kate Sharma. The problem is that he initially courted his sister, Edwina, which plunged him into the heart of a dangerous love triangle. We imagine that this little story will not escape the ears of Lady Whistledown, the mysterious gossip of London’s high society! If you obviously have time to watch binge eating season 2 The Bridgerton Chronicle to spot the smallest stories of life at court, here’s all you need to know in the next salvo to come, already ordered by Netflix !

The Bridgerton Chronicleseason 3 – premiere date

This March 25 is definitely a great day. You can not only discover season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle but you learn at the same time Netflix already ordered two sequels. This wonderful news was announced in April 2021 by Lady Whistledown herselfthrough Netflix’s facebook account of course. “Very privileged members of society, it looks like we have a special announcement to make. Bridgerton will be back for a season 3 and a season 4. The writer of these lines will have to buy some ink. Sincerely, Lady Whistledown.”, It indicated. Filming for season 3 is expected to begin in the spring of 2022. therefore, the new episodes could land in 2023 on Netflix.

The Bridgerton Chronicleseason 3 – latest news

The Bridgerton Chronicle Season 2: The cast of the Netflix series turns on the preview (PHOTOS): who says new burst of episodes, also says proper presentation. Simon Ashley, Charithra Chandra and Kathryn Drysdale, jonathan bailey or designer Shonda Rhimes obviously makes a splash on the red carpet!

Nicola Coughlan sick: the actress misses the red carpet The Bridgerton Chronicle season 2 : If most of the cast members were present during the preview, unfortunately Phoebe Dynevor and Nicola Coughlan were absent subscribers !

The Bridgerton Chronicleseason 3 – Episodes

For now, the number of episodes of season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicle It has not been communicated but we imagine that it will be like in the previous salvos: 8 episodes of about sixty minutes.

The Bridgerton Chronicleseason 3 – Cast

Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicle He hasn’t revealed all his secrets yet. If Netflix follows the chronology of the books from which the story is drawn, the next few episodes should give pride of place to Luke Thompson, the interpreter of Benedict Bridgerton. Therefore, we can already assume that he will be part of the cast, just like Nicola Coughlan aka Penelope Featherington who hinted on Twitter that she would be back. It’s hard to see the series continuing without Lady Whistledown, the gossip queen, so there’s a good chance she’ll return as well. Regarding Daphne, Anthony or even Colinnothing tells us if they will be part of the plot of the third season.

The Bridgerton Chronicleseason 3 – Intrigues

season 3 should logically follow the plot of Julia Quinn’s third novel. This one centers on Benedict Bridgerton, Anthony’s little brother and Daphne’s older brother. At a masquerade ball the latter will come across a mysterious woman who will deeply obsess him. Once the evening is over, he won’t be able to get her out of his head and will therefore do everything possible to find her. At the same time, his family pressures him to focus on finding his perfect wife. Everything risks turning upside down when he meets Sophie Beckett, the abused illegitimate daughter of an earl. She will fall under Benedict’s spell, but what he doesn’t know is that she is the mysterious young woman from the masquerade ball… In a recent interview with Shonda Rhimes given to entertainment tonightthe creator of the series however expressed the idea that the third season could focus on another character than that of Benedict. “We plan to tell the love stories of the eight brothers but we will not necessarily go in order but we will see each of the stories”, he trusted me. Although no official announcement has been made, many imagine that the next episodes could finally focus on Colin, the third brotherwho is notably the protagonist of the fourth novel in the Julia Quinn saga.
For more information before the release of the new seasons on Netflix, all the Bridgerton novels are available. Posted by J’ai Lu!

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