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It was raining heavily Thursday night in Montreal. But at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on the Place des Arts, Lorde shone like a radiant sun.

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marissa groguhe

marissa groguhe

Solar energy, his most recent album, is the perfect remedy for bad weather or a bad mood. She presented most of the pieces on the occasion of this North American tour that took her to our country. it was a delight

We were also able to immerse ourselves in her first two works, the ones that made her one of the princesses of pop. Yes Solar energy Straying away from more accessible tones, the singer punctuated her performance with some of her old hits to create a nice balance.

Lorde appeared on stage in a circle of light, a reference to the sun, which only allowed us to see her silhouette against the light.

Then he appeared when he was acting. homemade dynamite. Wearing an open pale bra and shirt and simple black pants, the musician greeted his audience at the solar power tour. “I love coming to Montreal, he entrusted her to me. There is something different here. And given the crazy energy of the crowd, we believed him. There was something in the air Thursday night.

Opportunities to cry and dance

buzz cut seasontaken from pure heroin (2013), gave him the opportunity to climb a ladder erected in the middle of the stage on a rotating platform. A smart way to always keep performance visually stimulating. A large screen behind the stage, platforms on each side and this gigantic staircase were enough to create an atmosphere that was sometimes electrifying, sometimes sober or intimate, depending on the need.

“Ready to cry? the singer asked before launching into a soulful rendition of the melancholy S.toned in nail salonnew album song Solar energy.

Vocally flawless, infusing her performance with powerful emotion, Lorde put on an incredible show.

The unmistakable and delicate, but imposing staging, allowed the artist to move through the space, while his musicians also moved to the rhythm of the songs.

big comeback

After a first costume change, it was with a long purple dress that the pride sang The way. His singers, throughout the evening, made it possible to recreate that stacking of voices that we appreciate so much in Solar energythat vibrates a psychedelic wave.

Lorde is one of those artists who sometimes don’t show signs of life for years and then come back with a new musical approach, a different artistic vision. After almost five years of absence, New Zealand pop has become more psychedelic, more luminous too.

Going back 10 years has allowed us to rediscover the techno rhythm of Ribs. If Lorde seems quite introverted in everyday life, on stage she is stately, energetic, she is in total control of the moment she offers. She interacts with her audience, she makes this shared moment a communion. The artist also says during the show that she had to work hard so that the tour and the concerts stop being sources of constant anxiety, as they used to be.

Hard Feelings / No Love later Responsibility were the occasion for a softer moment, during which Lorde, sitting on her stairs, transported us back to the time of Melodrama (2017).

Later secrets of a girl and a new wardrobe change (the dress giving way to a pink satin outfit), mood ring, Sober, supercut (a good time to dance and jump on the spot!), perfect places, Solar energy (a song to “make the sensation of the sun’s heat last on the skin”), Green light (another room conducive to letting go), then ocean feeling Following.

Wherever he builds on his repertoire, Lorde puts his heart into it. Electricity flows between him and the fans from him. The moment is beautiful to see and to live.

The reminder (of course) allowed launching the famous and inescapable royalty, the one that made Lorde famous ten years ago. The show ended on a perfect note with Team.

Lorde did not leave the stage until two hours after arriving. The radiant (solar!) energy of the evening spent with her was so pleasant that even the torrential rain on the way back couldn’t stop the light from shining on our heads for a long time.

Special mention here to Remi Wolf and his musicians, who gave a solid opening performance. All in voice, the Californian artist has also helped people forget the gray weather outside. To follow closely.


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