Quebec dedicates 225 million to relaunch culture


The Minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy, announced the details of the Plan to consolidate, shine and promote the cultural communitya three-year, $225.8 million initiative aimed at reviving this Quebec industry severely shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.

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andre duchesne

andre duchesne

The will of this plan with a vaguely Olympic slogan is, therefore, twofold: to ensure a necessary recovery, but preparing for the unexpected. A catapult and chain mail at the same time? We asked Minister Roy.

“Exactly,” she responded in a phone interview. And this initiative arises from the environment with which we have multiplied meetings to find a way to respond to the problems caused by COVID-19. The new reality is that we will have to live with a virus. But we can no longer stop people’s social and cultural activities. So we had to see how we were going to live with possible outbreaks that will be part of our day to day. »


Minister of Culture and Communications Nathalie Roy

It is for that reason of “living with” that more than half (123.3 million) of the 225.8 million, first announced when the budget was presented on March 22, and detailed on Sunday morning, pass to the first panel called “Consolidate”.

This component aims, in particular, to create a “safety net” to extend for 12 months the additional support (budget for health measures, assistance for ticket sales, etc.) provided during the last two years to run sets and ensure the transmission of shows.

“Whatever happens with COVID-19, we maintain this safety net for a whole year,” the minister rejoices.

But after ? “We are not in the same position as in 2020,” she replies, alluding to the fact that science [vaccins, etc.] help to better face the pandemic. We now have tools that allow us to believe that a complete shutdown of everything is not in the cards. »

This first consolidation component also plans to reach “new clients” that were not financed in the past by the ministry and its companies (SODEC and CALQ) to help them in their recovery actions. The minister gives the example of cinemas and alternative rooms.

“We have reserved an amount of 5 million for three years to help venues such as the León de Oro or the Club Soda, where young people start, he gives as an example. We cannot abandon them. »


Minister Roy puts a lot of emphasis on helping the next generation who, since the start of the pandemic, have had little opportunity to assert themselves, either because theaters were closed or because of oversupply congestion when cinemas reopened.

This succession is at the heart of the second part (Make it shine) of the plan, which has an endowment of 79.5 million. A good part of this amount is destined to improve the scholarship programs of the Conseil des Arts et lettres du Québec (CALQ), which will go from 12 to 22 million in the next three years. At least 20% of this additional 30 million is reserved for projects by emerging artists.

Add to that another $7 million over three years for emerging artists from immigrant, Aboriginal communities or people with disabilities.

We really want to put the spotlight on young people who have not had the opportunity to meet there.

Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications

Finally, the third component (Propel) of the plan foresees an endowment of 23 million dollars to help promote the international projection and export of Québec works, as well as to support projects classified as innovative and daring. Augmented reality works, podcasts, immersive installations are examples.

Always available

Let’s take a step back and remember that on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the Legault government presented a budget that includes an injection of 407 million new money over five years for culture. Minister Roy, as well as several representatives of the cultural community, were delighted.

However, the next day, the World Health Organization ruled that a coronavirus pandemic had reached the planet. The rest is history.

“This record budget is made up of sums that are still there,” recalls Minister Roy, however. If by chance, if unfortunately, there were to be a pandemic of the same type again, these sums are still there and will be converted to continue supporting the environment. But that is the catastrophic and apocalyptic scenario. I prefer to turn to the positive, to action. »

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  • 225.8 million
    The plan presented on Sunday morning is divided into three parts: consolidate (123.3 million), shine (79.5 million) and boost (23 million).

    Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications


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