Paga and Giuseppa in crisis? Their relationship is said to be on the wane.


Giuseppa Cuirleo has received very bad news about the shooting of adventurer apprentices. Rising against her mate, Paga, her mate would be on the verge of breaking up.

Adixia and Simon Castaldi: separated after infidelity?

Lately, Simon Castaldi was in crisis. Although the young man has been in a relationship with Adixia for several months, he was filmed in a nightclub very close to a stranger. The video circulated on the web and was even sent to Adixia. In a state of shock, the young woman was very upset with her lover.

« It’s a really big story and it’s super hot. Adixia would have seen the video as someone DMed it. I don’t know if Simon and Adixia were separated or on a break while Simon was kissing the girl, or if they were still together and that’s why he cheated on her.“, balanced the account @ShayaraTV.

For his part, the son of Benjamin Castaldi claimed to be the victim of a plot. Finally, things are likely to return to normal as the couple was seen together again a few days after this case. But a new compromising information, revealed by a blogger, could well put everything in doubt again.

Giuseppa is very angry with Paga.

Adixia and Simon Castaldi: the candidate would have cheated on his sweetheart again

Indeed, Simon Castaldi would have had ambiguous conversations with another young woman on social networks. “I got a scoop on Simon who talked to a girl I can even give you her first name Bellarts when she was in a relationship with Adixia. »

And to add: “Simon didn’t seem at all indifferent to Bellarts charm, but despite that, their conversations were fine (even if Simon was still ambiguous for someone in a relationship). They never met, but Simon had proposed to her, but in view of Bellarts occupations that never happened, and she didn’t follow up on that. Simon called her very often on snap and she didn’t answer him because given her schedule, it was impossible to answer often. »

If the blogger claims that this relationship never went beyond a few conversations on social media, Simon would still have been confident in his relationship with Adixia. ” Simon also told him things about Adixia that he wasn’t quite sure about her, that he didn’t know if she was dating him because she loved him or because he was a “Castaldi”. » Revelations that certainly did not please his beloved…

The Adventurer Apprentices : Giuseppa Cuirleo and Paga cross

Today is from another pair of Marseilles referred. In fact, a blogger tells us that there would be water in the gas between these two candidates. In his Instagram story, the account @shayaraTV launches us a direct excluded from the filming of adventurer apprentices.

This scoop concerns Giuseppa and Paga. In fact, the lovers very recently joined the filming of Adventurer apprentices. On the spot, Giuseppa found her former friend Adixia… and her ex, Simon Castladi. Yes, if the two candidates were close on LMvsMonde, Their relationship took a strange turn when they hooked up with each other’s exes.

While we don’t really know what’s going on with Simon Castaldi and Adixia’s relationship at the moment, the latter reportedly dropped a b*mbe that would have thrown Giuseppa’s love affair with Paga into question. . Indeed, @shayaraTV explain us: “Adixia has thrown a b*mbe on the set of Apprentices that establishes Giuseppa is furious. »

Giuseppa Cuirleo and Paga: the famous couple would be on the verge of breaking up

According to the blogger, Paga would not have been completely honest with his future wife. If we do not know exactly the cause of this crisis, we can ask ourselves if the candidate ‘ready’ to exit W9 he would not have resumed contact with his ex behind Giuseepa’s back. “I still don’t know the reason, Paga must have returned to Adixia while he was with Giuseppa.« just balance the Instagram account.

What is certain in any case is that this revelation would have ” get scared “ to Giuseppe. The blogger continues: “She is very angry with Paga. From what I saw he even deleted his photos with Paga when he received his phone this afternoon.« Indeed, all the photos of the couple have disappeared from the candidate’s account. On the other hand, Giuseppa is still subscribed to her partner. For her part, Paga did not delete the photos of her with the candidate. The atmosphere must be electric on the set of Les Apprentis Aventuriers. We can’t wait to find out more! Subject to follow.

The Marseilles: it could well be that Paga asked Giuseppa to marry him in this new season of The Marseilles… We’ll tell you everything!

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