only a true Grey’s Anatomy fan will know which character this line belongs to


It’s time to come and test your knowledge of the Grey’s Anatomy medical series by matching these 10 lines with the correct characters. He went away !


“The worst things in the world can happen to you, but you can recover from them. The only thing you can do is survive”

It’s Alex who says that in Season 3 Episode 1!

“Sleeping with an ex again is like recycling, I preserve nature!”

It’s Lexie who says that about Alex in season 6 episode 12.

“Let’s be extraordinary together instead of ordinary alone”

It is Meredith who speaks her words to Derek in the season 4 finale as he stands in the middle of the house made of candles.

“You always think there is only one person in this world to love. Then you meet someone else and your worries seem crazy.”

Lexie says these words in episode 16 of season 7

“I have lived, I have really lived my life, I have made mistakes, I have broken, I have hit rock bottom. I know what it is to be broken. But I have also known great joys. I have known passion, I have known happiness! And I have known love. So if I die today, there will be no question of release or justice, this will just be the end of a wonderful journey.”

Richard says this in season 6 episode 24, when he confronts the shooter Gary.

“If you don’t want any more shitty things to happen to you, stop accepting shitty situations and ask for something better. »

Cristina throws this punchline at George in season 2 episode 19.

“I was ready to turn the page, but it’s the page that doesn’t want to turn.”

This phrase comes to us from the one and only Mark Sloan!

“I miss it. It’s unbearable, I miss it a lot. It’s not in waves, it’s constant. All the time, without a break.”

It’s Izzie who admits this about Denny in season 3 episode 7.

“It’s like defusing a bomb in a haunted house built on a minefield with dozens of bears around, and the bears are armed with knives.”

It’s Callie who says that in episode 21 of season 8!

“The name of these cocktails, Early Alzheimer’s, because after drinking it, you don’t remember anything.”

This phrase is pronounced by Cristina in episode 9 of season 7, when she temporarily becomes a waitress.

An (e) vrai (e) fan!

you have a score of [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]]

An (e) vrai (e) fan!

We are completely stunned by this score! Admit it, have you been on the show since the beginning as Bokhee?

Well played !

you have a score of [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]]

Well played !

He’s not perfect, but his score is good enough for us to be impressed by his skills!

Can work…

you have a score of [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]]

Can work...

It’s not catastrophic, but we expected better from you… It’s cult anyway!


you have a score of [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]]


Sorry, but you certainly can’t claim to be a true Grey’s Anatomy fan with that sheet music!

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