“On the board” in C8, Éric Zemmour was caught by children


POLITICS – “Ah, I’m bad”. hard streak for eric zemour facing students from 8 to 12 years old in the show that has become a cult “In the frame” What happens to the candidates for the presidential since 2017 in front of a class. It will air unencrypted Sunday night on C8, but is available now on this link.

Several times questioned about his desire toban certain names “Contrary to the motto of France, and in particular freedom”, according to one of the students, Éric Zemmour tried to be reassuring by assuring that this proposal would be put to a referendum.

Victim of his habitual prejudices, the candidate “Reconquête!” Questioned about a multicultural France that would make “its wealth”, he asks a student “why did your parents come to France…?” Student’s response: “No, my parents didn’t come to France, they were my great-grandparents,” corrects the young man immediately.

“Well, it’s the same thing,” concludes the candidate caught in his own trap. “I thought he wanted to send back all the foreigners, in fact they are the illegal immigrants, that calmed me down a bit,” concluded one of the students after the show.

It is especially in foreign languages ​​that the far-right candidate left his audience speechless. Classic of the show, a student asks a question in English, impeccable accent, “Are you the French? donald trump?”, while waiting for a response in the same language. “Well, bravo for your English”, “Please, in English”. “Oh no, I’m unable to answer in English,” acknowledges the candidate. “We have one thing in common, he wants the United States to remain the United States and I want France to remain France,” Zemmour replies, in French.

“Ah, you are better than me!”

Keep going. Say “hello” in another language, test failed. “I don’t know German”, confesses Éric Zemmour before launching a timid “goudentak” for the traditional “Guten Tag”. He dribbles in Hebrew and Arabic and doesn’t get bogged down in his wobbly “good morning.” “Oh, you’re better than me,” he admits before the ecology test.

Could you explain the sixth continent on the board? (designated to count the waste that accumulates in the world, editor’s note) “I don’t know what it is,” dries up the presidential candidate who is entitled to a recovery test, explains global warming in a cartoon.

“It’s not just the issue of ecology…”

The candidate outlines a sun and a great earth with this laconic comment: “The earth is too hot, men live with difficulty” that did not seem convincing. It is not just this issue, France is only responsible for 1% of global warming”, he defends himself. “If he is president, he will not be able to learn everything, he would still have to know things about ecology, that shocked me a bit”, comments a student after the sequence.

“If he is president, he will have to take the plane, he will not swim there,” remarks another, after the candidate’s confession about his great fear “of planes and helicopters.”

Unsurprisingly, it was better at Story with a timeline to complete. The Crusades, finds immediately, the decree of Villers-Cotterêts, after a slight hesitation, blank instead on “January 17, 1975”. Ask for a clue, “it’s a law”. Abortion ends up coming out with difficulties…

We also remember this exit of a student during the immigration sequence, “Were you traumatized as a child?” No, I was loved by my mother like never before.” Éric Zemmour, at half-staff at the polls, would certainly have been invited to repeat after his performance… And in the elections?

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