On Netflix and Disney+: 2 amazing movies to watch tonight

On Netflix and Disney+: 2 amazing movies to watch tonight

the SVoD streaming platforms are more and more numerous your catalogs better and better proportioned, and it’s often hard to navigate when you want to watch a good movie or a good series. Don’t panic, CNET France is here to advise you on the best shows and recommends two great movies to watch on the services tonight. Netflix and Disney+.

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This Monday night, the CNET newsroom recommends the movies It’s the end and In the eyes of Tammy Faye.

What movies to watch tonight on Netflix and Disney +?

A Buddy Comedy: This Is The End (Netflix)


Gathering for a big party at his friend James Franco’s house, Seth Rogen and a host of Hollywood actors have to face the apocalypse…

The opinion of CNET France

If you’re a fan of director Judd Apatow’s humor (super tomb, User manual shot down) and the genre of the buddy movie under substances in the very bad trip, It’s the end it is definitely made for you!

But what starts out as a comedy drenched in college humor quickly turns into a disaster movie, with the end of the world (just that) arriving at the main characters’ doorstep. A supernatural twist that puts all the salt in the comedy, which turns into a crazy and hilarious disaster movie, with deliberately funny and bloody scenes.

Between improv scenes involving jammed valves and impressive doomsday sequences, the funny rubs shoulders with the violent and the absurd in a clever mix that works wonderfully, thanks to the sharp pen of Seth Rogen and Evan. Goldberg.(Preacher, The boys: diabolical). Of course, the interest It’s the end It is also in its luxury cast, which takes a lot of head.

In addition to the core group of friends (James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill…) in their own role, the film multiplies funny and surprising cameos, such as those of Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Channing Tatum or Emma Watson (Harry Potter). We must admit that it is a real pleasure to see all these beautiful people suffer, and especially not to take themselves seriously.

It’s the end is a very entertaining comedy that will satisfy lovers of American humor (a little greasy), with the right dose of absurdity that works well. Others will enjoy the parade of stars and the many crazy and unlikely apocalyptic scenes.

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An amazing biopic: Through the eyes of Tammy Faye (Disney +)


In the 1970s and 1980s, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker were a famous TV evangelist couple. They create a successful TV channel and theme park, and are watched by millions of Americans. But rivalries and financial scandals will cause his empire to crumble.

The opinion of CNET France

This film, based on the homonymous documentary released in 2000, focuses on the figure of Tammy Faye, little known in France, but famous in the United States in particular for her defense of LGBT rights. A fascinating colorful character, which for many is of interest to this rather conventional biographical film.

Going through the history of this couple of evangelists for almost 40 years, In the eyes of Tammy Faye it does not avoid any forced passage of the genre, from the original trauma, to the irresistible rise to the inevitable decline. If the set is therefore a little unconventional and sometimes abruptly connects the scenes like a Wikipedia page, we must admit that we do not sulk our pleasure in the face of this immersion in the heart of the unknown (for us French) universe. , American TV. -evangelism.

The film thus mixes the intimate dramas of the main characters and political intrigues with some effectiveness. We let ourselves go smoothly in a story that covers the styles and fashions of the 70s, 80s and 90s. But the added value of the film comes above all from its main actors, Andrew Garfield (The social network, The amazing Spider Man) and especially Jessica Chastain (the big game, The color of feelings.), unrecognizable behind her impressive makeup.

If he is very wise about the form, In the eyes of Tammy Faye it’s still a successful biopic on an interesting subject. We left enchanted by the quality of the incarnation of its actors, by the perfectly transcribed retro spirit and by the melancholy portrait of an exceptional woman.

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