On artist compensation, Joe Casey rejects Marvel Studios’ ‘insulting’ offer for America Chavez


From the various speeches ofed brubaker in this regard, the question of the remuneration of the artists of the Maison des Idées, when their work is adapted by wonder studios in the cinema or on television, it tends to reappear with each new project. Simply because the company has no intention of changing its method, or even opening the door to a discussion with professionals in the sector on the distribution of wealth. The latest news is that the creative teams behind the characters used by wonder studios he received compensation set at $5,000 per head, with a few exceptions.

If the communicators of Disney They assure for their part that larger sums are also paid, from time to time, that same amount did return in the mouth of several witnesses, who remained anonymous, during an investigation carried out by the hollywood reporter last year. The theme focused on comic book authors, eternal poor relatives in the distribution of profits generated by the superhero industry -an entire section of modern cinema that remains, to this day, one of the last chickens to lay eggs of gold from the traditional distribution network.

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The officials of Disney. They prefer to avoid entering the field of debate, remembering that the contracts signed by the artists do not oblige the employer to pay them anything in any case: in the United States, the comic continues to function mainly on a principle of salaried creation, where the company retains ownership intellectual of any character invented within the universes Wonderful Y dccomics. checks paid by wonder studios to the creators or to the creators have therefore more value than simple anecdotal thanks, even courtesy payments if the various communicators of the group are to be believed.

joe casey he is the last author to have experienced this famous courtesy. Like so many before him, the good man recently bitterly evoked the character ofAmerica Chavezscheduled to appear soon in the film Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness from sam raimi. invented by Casey and the artist Nick Dragotta, Chavez will be played by the actress Xochitl Gomez in this version in real images. The author has not been contacted by Disney during the gestation of this second adventure of the magician, and he never received the slightest penny for the various appearances of miss america outside the comic pages.

“Marvel never paid me anything for América Chávez. Not because of Doctor Strange 2, nor because of the many episodes of animated series or the figurines that were made of him, nor because of the video games in which he appears. They seem to be quite at peace. with that decision.

When he finally finds out that his character was going to make an appearance on Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, Casey you will have to report yourself wonder studios, to receive the famous contract proposals that open the way to possible remuneration. The scriptwriter explains today that he rejected the proposed sum -he considers the amount “insulting” and “ridiculous”, and affirms that the company has not provided him with any information to explain the calculation of this modest obolus-.

“The fact is that Marvel owns America Chavez. That’s not up for debate, but the fact is that there are still flaws in that system that validate that writers are not respected or rewarded.

For me, it’s not about the money. It’s not even about respect. I don’t expect to be respected by a corporation like this. I am in a position where I do not have to accept the insult that they dare to call ‘offer’, and I also have the means to speak about it publicly. So maybe the guy who comes after me has a better chance of getting the money he’s owed, and maybe that money can change his life right now. I am a happy person every day. I’m not upset, I’m not bitter, because I learned how this works. But I also know that you have to express yourself, because that’s how things change, talking about it.”

As a reminder, without going so far as to imagine that corporations will push the utopia of copyrights returned to artists under contract, Warner Bros. Y dc entertainmentwhich works on the same principle as Wonderful vis-à-vis the capture of intellectual property, they have a reputation for being far more generous than Disney to their artists. jim starling often joked about getting more money from dccomics by the appearance of KGBeast inside batman vs superman That of Wonderful for Thanos, Drax Y Gamora inside guardians of the galaxy vol. one.

In other words, a bigger paycheck for a supporting character with less than ten lines of dialogue, compared to three of the main characters. In the case of the two “franchises” that would represent the universe Wonderful and a possible universe DCthe brand Disney represents a larger market share than Warner Bros. in their own adaptations. avengers endgamebased on his work jim starlingit pocketed $2.8 billion at the worldwide box office. wonder studios has not yet reacted publicly on this issue of authors’ remuneration (probably considering that the public sensitive to these issues is still small enough not to have to deal with the problem), and apparently does not intend to change these practices, eternally located in the injustice of the sums paid to creative teams since the invention of Superman. Some traditions are hard to die.


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