New movies and series to watch on Netflix from March 25 to 31


Netflix releases a series of movies and series in its catalog every week, without anyone realizing it or the platform officially announcing it. The big screen returns to the new functions added by Netflix from March 25 to 31, 2022, movies and series combined in a non-exhaustive list.

What are the unmissable movies and series this weekend on the streaming platform?

the bridgerton chronicle – season 2

Available on Netflix – Duration: 8 episodes of approximately 1 hour

The Bridgerton Chronicle: Photo Nicola Coughlan

What are you talking about? Duty, desire and scandal collide when Viscount Anthony Bridgerton wants to marry, but finds his match in the person of his future wife’s older sister.

Why do you have to see it? Because we also love to hate her and we hate to love her. The Bridgerton Chronicle, the Netflix phenomenon of the year 2020, returns to the platform for our greatest pleasure. Created by the prolific shonda rhymesthe historical-romantic series told us in the first season the adventures of Daphne Bridgerton and her often carnal conquest of love.

In this second season, we leave Daphne and Simon to focus on Anthony, the eldest of the family and Viscount Bridgerton, played by jonathan bailey. Now it’s your turn to find a wife. But between sisters Kate and Edwina Sharma, his heart is spinning. Therefore, it is on this love triangle that the colorful and frivolous series will focus.. Attention, feathers, ruffles and wedding night on the horizon.

800 meters

Available on Netflix – Duration: 3 episodes of approximately 50min

What are you talking about? On August 17, 2017 in Barcelona, ​​​​a van travels at full speed the 800 meters that separate Plaça Catalunya from the Joan Miró mosaic, crushing the crowd as it goes. A few hours later, the small town of Cambrils (Catalonia) is the target of another terrorist attack. The blame ? Young people who seemed perfectly integrated into Spanish society. How did we get here?

Why do you have to see it? Because the new documentary series on the platform, 800 meters, traces the tragic events that occurred in Barcelona and Cambrils in 2017. The famous 800 meters are what separate the two attacks perpetrated by young Islamists who seemed, at first glance, well integrated into Spanish society. This series of three episodes, therefore, returns to the facts trying to understand what drove these individuals to such tragic actions.

Therefore, it is out of pure curiosity that we have to immerse ourselves in this documentary that promises to be quite captivating, especially since the team responsible for its production is made up of an editorial board made up of investigative journalists. Add to this that the staging of 800 meters was entrusted to the director leon siminiani – that he had already shot another documentary series for Netflix, Mierres de Alcazar – and chances are high that these 2h36 of research will really fascinate you.

miss bullet

On Netflix March 29 / Release: 2019 (directly on DVD) – Duration: 1h44

Miss Bala: photo, Gina Rodrigueznetflix red dress

What are you talking about? While in Tijuana, a woman is forced to work for both a violent cartel and a DEA agent to save her kidnapped friend.

Why do you have to see it? Because even though it was broadcast in France live on video, miss bullet is the last feature film released in theaters in the United States directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The filmmaker, who has also rubbed shoulders with adolescent cinema (as beautiful as garbage, Thirteen), young adult (Twilight, Chapter 1: Fascination), the adaptation of stories (little Red Riding Hood) than in the movie about… the nativitytried his hand at the action here.

Plus behind its launch worthy of a series B signed by EuropaCorp, miss bullet You still carry in your bag the step without interest Gina Rodriguez (Annihilation, Kajillionaire) in his remake of the homonymous Mexican thriller directed by Gerardo Naranjo. Approved for the Un Certain Regard section of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, the feature film was inspired by a news story in which a former lady, Laura Zúñiga, had been involved in drug trafficking in 2008.

johnny for johnny

On Netflix on March 29 / Duration: 1h56

What are you talking about? This intimate documentary series about the rock icon tells the story of the singer and the man as he saw himself, through interviews and previously unseen footage.

Why do you have to see it? Between her “teenage idol” era, her earlier stint, and his comeback, there’s a lot to be said for it. johnny hallyday. Not always positive, on the other hand, and often said by the principal in question, that he does not regret anything. johnny for johnnyis an opportunity to understand the Johnny phenomenon, toa longevity of almost six decades on stagehalfway between France and the other side of the Atlantic.

One fois n’est pas coutume, il faudra espérer que ce documentary reienra sur les zones d’ombres du chanteur (à commencer por les difficultés de sa succession), que ne l’ont pas empêché d’être légitimement pleuré comme un symbole à his death. Rock lovers can finally enjoy one last ride on a Harley Davidson with the French Elvis.

But also…

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