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A bucket of popcorn, a sofa… and friends! Watch the 7 best movies to meet friends on Netflix. On the menu: the timeless Back to the Future, the hilarious Snatch, the wacky Mad Max Fury Road…


Please note: This rating is based on Internet user ratings of AlloCiné. In this top, only films with at least 500 votes were taken into account.

1- Back to the future

It was in 1985 that an entire generation fell under the spell of a spectacular and futuristic adventure through time. In this first installment of the cult saga we meet Marty McFly, a young man whose only concerns are his family and his director. But when one afternoon he accompanies the eccentric Professor Brown -Doc for his friends- who tries to travel through time, things go wrong. Marty finds himself in the past and even prevents his parents from getting together, a mistake he must quickly correct.

Smart and innovative, Back to the Future is a clever mix of action, science fiction, humor, suspense and unexpected twists, all carried by an exciting plot full of explosive adventures and endearing and memorable characters that we are no longer introduced to. A temporary epic to live or absolutely relive.

2- Ready player one

In 2045, to escape a chaotic reality, humans now live alone in the OASIS, a virtual universe created by the eccentric genius James Halliday. But when the latter dies, a video is released containing his last wishes: whoever finds the Easter egg he has carefully hidden will inherit his fortune and take control of the OASIS. A planetary competition is launched. Young Wade Watts then decides to participate in this extraordinary but dangerous search for digital treasure.

Lovers of science fiction and easter eggs of all kinds, this movie is made for you! Adapted from a homonymous novel, Ready Player One is a gigantic tribute to pop culture, signed by Steven Spielberg. The movie with a hundred hidden references is a nostalgic mystery trip between the real and the virtual, a spectacular retro experience to discover if you haven’t already or to re-watch all its ingenious winks.

3- Snatch

In Snatch, everything revolves around a stolen diamond that several protagonists seek to appropriate. During his stopover in London, with a diamond in his pocket, Franky suspects nothing when Boris takes him to bet on an underground boxing match, a trap designed to steal the precious stone. Turkish and Tommy are organizers of rigged boxing matches under the control of a ruthless gangster. They have a problem: their boxer Mickey refuses to lose his fight. The meeting of these two intrigues is then explosive and insane.

Snatch is from the great Guy Ritchie, an edgy, sarcastic comedy with effective editing and an original soundtrack, but it’s also a gallery of characters, each crazier than the next, and a host of actors, including Jason Statham, Brad Pitt and Benicio. Del Toro: perfect to embody them.

4- Catch me if you can

Set in the 1960s, Catch Me If You Can depicts the true search for Frank Abagnale Jr. by FBI agent Carl Hanratty. In this comedy-drama from Steven Spielberg, young Frank, the undisputed master of the con, is relentlessly pursued by the seasoned agent and is one of the ten most wanted individuals in the United States. But criminally gifted, he keeps slipping through her fingers, donning a host of raunchy identities.

Between laughter and emotion, the strong point of the film is its face-to-face from above, a strong relationship between duty and respect, a magnificently produced and acted game of cat and mouse. And to convince you, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks at their best.

5- Mad Max: Fury Road

In a barren and ruthless post-apocalyptic world, where one fights for water and gas, clans, gangs and tyrants rule without mercy. Max, on the other hand, is a lone survivor who wanders aimlessly in this endless desert, until the day he is captured by the enemy. Despite himself, he embarked on a furious chase between a barbarian warlord and his army to his former right-hand man, Emperor Furiosa. Seeking his homeland, the rebellious woman betrayed him and fled the Citadel with his most prized possessions.

A high-octane sci-fi film, Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the franchise. This time it is Tom Hardy who plays the main role, accompanied by a masterful Charlize Theron stealing even the leading role. Crowned with six Oscars, this George Miller film is an unbridled, gripping technical feat of unrivaled visual beauty and powerful, effective scripting challenges: sublimely extraordinary mayhem that is unmissable, no doubt.

6- Shrek

Once upon a time there was a green ogre who lived happily in his humble swamp. But when the creatures come to disturb his peace, invading his beloved lands, he has no choice but to make a pact with Lord Farquaad. Her mission: free Princess Fiona, imprisoned in a tower guarded by a dragon so that the vicious lord can marry her. In exchange, the latter will free the precious swamp from him. This is how the cynical ogre, accompanied by a chattering donkey, embarks on a quest that will never fail to test him.

But beware, Shrek is not a classic fairy tale but a hilarious parody of all his magical stories that shook our childhood. An emblematic production of the DreamWorks studios, it is the first to receive the Oscar for best animated film and marks the beginning of a legendary saga that has made us laugh for more than 20 years.

7- Monty Python, Holy Grail

Iconic figures of British television, the Monty Python company returned to the big screen in 1975 with this wacky medieval comedy, with a deliberate and self-assured low-budget style and strong English humour. In this feature film, the comedians tackle the legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and their search for the famous Grail.

But here, obviously, nothing is to be taken seriously: absurd scenes, unusual jokes, cult lines, not to mention its epic fights (or almost), Sacred Grail is a must-have of the genre, acclaimed so much by critics. as for the public. It’s crazy, it’s hilarious, a crazy timeless adventure that starts with its crazy credits. A frank laugh without pretensions or logic: it is guaranteed laughter.

The best movies to watch on Netflix.


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