Netflix, hidden codes: how to access hidden categories? we explain


news tip Netflix, hidden codes: how to access hidden categories? we explain

Netflix’s catalog continues to grow and change over the years, and although the platform multiplies the premieres in terms of series and movies, finding something that suits our specific tastes is not always an easy task. This is where the hidden Netflix codes come in, whose meaning and operation we are going to explain to you.

Users of Netflix Know: Finding something to watch isn’t always easy, especially in the face of a catalog of series, films and documentaries that continues to stretch and renew itself. While the home page lists current shows and provides an overview of content from the different categories on the platform, sometimes it’s hard to choose. The culprits are often the categories themselves, which are too vague to satisfy our desires quickly.and spending the night moving around in search of the rare pearl represents a significant waste of time that almost always ends in failure. But don’t lose hope, because there is a solution to this rating problem: Netflix’s “hidden” codes. These codes redirect you to subcategories that should be able to further narrow your preferences and greatly reduce your search time. Find out what they are and how to use them:


  • Netflix Hidden Category Codes: How Do They Work?
    • Action and adventure
    • animated
    • classics
    • comedies
    • dramas
    • documentaries
    • family and youth
    • independent movies
    • international movies
    • movies for christmas
    • teen series
    • science fiction and fantasy
    • Sport
Netflix, hidden codes: how to access hidden categories?  we explain

Netflix’s catalog is separated by categories or genres of programs, such as Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventureand family and youth. The “hidden” codes of the platform allow these groups to be divided into subcategories that, we hope, will be able to satisfy your desires more quickly. Unfortunately, these codes do not work with the Netflix app.Whether it’s on your phone, tablet, or TV. In fact, you can only use them with the web version of the platform, since they need to be typed into the URL for them to work. To access it, you can copy the code of your choice and paste it after the “/” symbol at the end of the url (without the quotes), or just see the list of all Netflix hidden codes below:

Action and adventure

Code Category
1365 action and adventure
46576 Classic action and adventure
10702 Spy Action & Adventure
2125 Army Action & Adventure
1568 Action, science fiction and fantasy
7442 Adventure
43040 action comedies
77232 asian action movies
10118 Comic books and superheroes
20541 kidnapping movies
8985 martial arts movies
9584 police action and adventure
43048 action thriller
7700 westerns


Code Category
11881 adult entertainment
7424 animated
9302 comic anime
2653 action anime
10695 horror anime
452 anime drama
11146 fantasy anime
2729 anime science fiction
5507 animal stories
6721 japanese anime series


Code Category
46576 Classic action and adventure
31574 classics
31273 romantic classics
31694 classic comedies
32392 classical musicals
29809 classic dramas
7687 film noir
48744 classic war movies
53310 Silent movies
6721 japanese anime series


Code Category
9302 comic anime
6548 comedies
10256 slapstick comedies
1402 late night comedies
89585 horror comedies
869 dramatic comedies
9702 crazy comedies
13335 musical comedies
2700 political comedies
3519 teen comedies
5475 Romantic comedies
5286 sports comedies
4922 satires
11559 Get up


Code Category
5763 dramas
3179 biographical dramas
3653 Dramas based on true events
4961 dramas based on books
500 LGBTQ Dramas
6616 political dramas
6889 police dramas
1255 romantic dramas
3947 social dramas
7243 sports dramas
eleven military dramas
5012 Dramas about the fate of the stars.


Code Category
6839 documentaries
3652 biographical documentaries
5349 historical documentaries
90361 Music documentaries and concerts.
9875 police documentaries
7018 political documentaries
2595 Science and nature documentaries.
3675 Social and cultural documentaries
2760 spirituality documentaries
180 sports documentaries
4006 army documentaries
1159 Travel and adventure documentaries.

family and youth

Code Category
67673 Disney
10659 youth education
10056 Movies based on children’s books.
783 Youth and family cinema
51056 family movies
5507 animal stories
52843 music for children
27346 For children
11177 animated series

independent movies

Code Category
4195 independent comedies
384 independent dramas
11804 Independent action-adventure movies.
7077 independent movies
9916 independent romantic movies
3269 Independent Thrillers

international movies

Code Category
3761 african movies
58886 german movies
1613 latin american movies
10757 Movies in English
6133 argentinian movies
9196 Southeast Asian movies
5230 australian movies
262 belgian movies
5480 bollywood movies
798 brazilian movies
56181 canadian movies
3960 chinese movies
69636 colombian movies
5685 korean movies
58700 danish movies
58741 Spanish movies
5254 Eastern European Movies
58807 french movies
10463 indian movies
78367 international movies
8221 Italian films
10398 japanese movies
7825 Mexican movies
58750 middle eastern movies
10606 dutch movies
9292 scandinavian movies
434295 Taiwanese movies and series
1133133 turkish movies

movies for christmas

Code Category
1475066 Christmas movies good humor youth and family
1474017 Christmas movies for young people and families
1475071 Wacky Christmas Movies for Kids and Families
1527063 European Christmas Movies for Kids and Families
1394527 romantic christmas movies

teen series

Code Category
3519 teen comedies
9299 teen dramas
60951 teen series

science fiction and fantasy

Code Category
1568 Action, science fiction and fantasy
3327 aliens and science fiction
6926 science fiction adventures
3916 sf dramas
1694 Horror and science fiction movies
9744 Fantasy movies
1492 science fiction and fantasy
47147 SF and fantasy classics
11014 sci-fi thriller


Code Category
6695 Martial arts, boxing and wrestling
8985 martial arts movies
12339 baseball movies
12762 basketball movies
12549 football movies
12803 football movies
4370 sports movies
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