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It’s going to smell like brimstone on Disney+ in April. On the series side, the platform signs the arrival of the Kardashians to new adventures of the most sulphurous and scandalous family in the United States. Other unexpected series are yet to be discovered, such as Single Drunk Female or The Dropout about the fate of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos. The Avengers complete their adventures in Endgame, finally available in the catalog.

New Disney + in April 2022: the Kardashians and the Avengers stumble
The Kardashians, the new Disney+ series

After a busy month of March with the premieres of the Pixar animated film Red alert, from the new Marvel series moon knightor even weekend familythe first french series Disney+and amazing NewDisney + announces an intense month of April with renowned arrivals.

The Kardashian family makes a fanfare for a series about the lives of the girls in the family. On the film side, it is the Avengers who come together to complete the saga in the catalogue.

Series added in April 2022

the kardashians

America’s most popular family put their heels and party dresses on Star. Made famous thanks to their own show featuring their social lives, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kyle and their mom Kris return to duty in new series . The Kardashians. If you want to know everything about the relationship between Kim and Kanye West, how Kendall became a billionaire and all the rest of the intimacy of the family, come to April 14.

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Amanda Seyfried plays Elizabeth Holmes, a famous businesswoman who founded her company at just 19 years old. Therano then promised to produce medical diagnostic tools that were faster and cheaper than labs. A great success that makes the ambitious young woman an example of success in Silicon Valley. But everything collapses overnight when the deception is discovered by the Wall Street Journal. The fall will be harder from April 20.

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Ice Age: Adventures of Scrat

The most famous prehistoric saga in animated cinema endows one of its most emblematic characters with its own series. Then Buck Wild and Mars, Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel, returns for six new short films, with their own humor. He always plays with bad luck and somehow tries to take care of his son, Baby Scrat. A mischievous and turbulent boy who will cause many worries and crazy situations to our hero.

New Disney + in April 2022: the Kardashians and the Avengers stumble
Ice Age: The Adventures of Scrat // Source: Disney+

single drunk woman

As of April 6, the therapy initiated by Samantha Fink, a young woman in her twenties with a serious addiction to alcohol and a disastrous life, continues. She but she is determined to take back the reins and get her sobriety back to avoid jail time. She makes her way to Boston and the house of her mother with whom she has a rocky relationship. But she also has to deal with everything that was dragging her down, her best friend, her ex… the road to sobriety is not easy, even with humor.

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And also…

Do not miss the murder, excellent police series with Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos, adapted from a Scandinavian program. The story of the murder of a young Seattle girl and the fates that cling to her in a rainy and boring city.

  • 6 of April:
    • single drunk woman
    • alternative therapy
    • Mad Chefs (Seasons 1 & 2)
    • PJ Masks Music Videos
  • April 13th:
    • The Murder (Seasons 1-4)
    • Ice Age: Adventures of Scrat
    • I promise
    • HPI
  • April 14th:
  • April 20th:
    • abandonment
    • Homeland (Seasons 1–8)
  • April 27:
    • Dollface (Season 2)
    • The Practice (Seasons 1 & 2)

Movies and documents added in April 2022

avengers endgame

The latest superhero adventures are finally coming to Disney+ in the world of Marvel. Finally, of those who survived Thanos’s takeover that wiped out half of humanity. The survivors try to organize themselves to defeat Thanos. The Avengers will have to turn to each other to find the strength to unite for the cause. The revolt will be (re)discovered on April 8 at IMAX Enhanced like the rest of the films in the saga.

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the world of nate

Nate, 13, dreams of being a comedian on Broadway. To show everyone that he can succeed, he takes advantage of his parents’ absence to go to New York with his best friend Libby. Unexpected encounters will show her the true meaning of his determination and ambition. by the director of High School Musical: The MusicalTim Federle, and adapted from a bestseller, the world of nate features young Rueby Wood as Nate, with Lisa Kudrow (Phœbe in Friends) or even Aria Brooks (black widow). Rehearsals begin April 1.

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Earth day

The next April 22 is dedicated to Earth Day. On this occasion, Disney + highlights many documentaries from the National Geographic catalog in particular. Fascinating environments, regions threatened by climate change or peoples who still live in harmony with nature: discover the diversity and beauty of the world.

  • April 1:
    • Dumbo
    • chinese puzzle
    • the spanish hostel
    • the world of nate
    • my piece of the cake
    • russian dolls
    • Paris
    • Do you know why I jump?
  • 6 of April:
    • India: Animal Sanctuary (doc)
  • April 8:
    • sex nerd
    • Delivery man
    • Chronicle of a scandal
    • avengers endgame
    • My King
  • April 13th:
    • the ignorant angels
    • Superstructures: Technological Marvels (doc)
  • April 15:
    • The Lion King
    • Love and Other Drugs
    • Marley and Me
  • April 20th:
    • Narco Wars (Seasons 1 & 2 – doc)
  • April, the 21st:
  • April 22:
    • Last Tutankhamun (doc)
    • Explore: the last tepui (doc)
    • Biggest Little Farm: The Comeback (doc)
    • bear polar bear
    • Witness
  • April 29:
    • Smash
    • Orangutan Mission (doc)
    • assassin’s Creed
    • Reckless
    • better enemies

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