Marily remembers her adventure at Star Académie


With her unique artistic signature, Marily Dorion marked the 2022 edition. With a feeling of peace and gratitude she left the adventure last Sunday after Camélia Zaki and Sarah-Maude Desgagné were saved by the public and the judges. She greeted the audience with a very personal version of the island tourby Felix Leclerc.

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Marily, how was your last week at the Academy?
I was full of emotions! We had a lot of letters to learn, so it took some work. However, I felt great! I have regained a lot of energy in the last few days.

How do you explain this renewed energy?
After having experienced episodes of fatigue, I used the necessary resources to improve. When I find myself in a community, I am used to worrying a lot about others and forgetting about myself. I also tend to be afraid of missing something. At some point, I had to think about myself instead of constantly staying with friends.

Photo: Eric Myre

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What things did you use?
I decided to go to sleep a little earlier than the other Scholars and to meditate before going to bed. I also used a trick that Lara Fabian shared with me: I listen to the music of flutist Djivan Gasparian. It worked, this music put me straight into a deep sleep.

Why did you choose to play The tour of the islandof Félix Leclerc, to defend your place?
It is a song to our roots and the Francophonie. I wanted to make my mark with her. Félix Leclerc is a great artist who marked the territory; by taking up his song in my own way, he wanted to touch the hearts of Quebecers.

How do you feel about leaving the Academy?
I feel good about it. Considering that my participation was a bit of a surprise, I have been grateful from day one for being chosen and enjoying every moment. For me this adventure is like a wave that I surfed the best I could knowing that one day it would end. This wave gave me a renewed ambition to immerse myself in real music.

Photo: Julien Faugere

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This Sunday you sang with your friend Jérôme 50, but you also made music with Les Louanges and Hubert Lenoir in the past. Do you think that now it’s your turn to shine?
When I found out that they had taken me star academyI called Jérôme and Vincent (To congratulate) to tell them the news. They told me, “It’s about time you took the plunge!” They never really understood why I went to Montreal to study social work. Since we grew up together as artists, this detour made no sense to them.

Why did you choose social work instead of music as a profession?
An artist’s craft is uncertain; I think he was afraid to start. After my bachelor’s degree in social work, I was starting a master’s degree specializing in attachment bonding when I entered star academy. I’m putting this master’s degree aside for next year, but I’m not ready to say I’m leaving social work altogether. I really like this area. I learned a lot about mental health management from my high school. I, who am very sensitive and sometimes anxious, would not have been the Academic that I was if I had not had the tools that I acquired in my studies.

what led you to star academy?
It’s love, in a way. My lover, Joseph, is not a musician and he tends to put my talent on a pedestal. Since he wanted me to share my music, he encouraged me to sign up. I’m glad he pushed me like that!

julien faugere

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Which artist you met during your adventure impressed you the most?
Angèle, because she is very young and she confessed to us that she is still learning her trade. Guylaine Tanguay’s voice also impressed me a lot.

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