Marie-Sophie Lacarrau still absent since 13:00, TF1’s big mistake!


Although several media had stated that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau would be back on TF1 on March 7, the channel has just denied the information.

It’s not Covid! It’s a vision problem! So I send you in this message: all my best wishes for 2022 and I will tell you very soon in the JT from TF1! Since then, she is the joker of him, jacques legros, who took the reins of the newsletter. But her presence begins to creep into the eyes of viewers, who wonder what the problem is with the prolonged absence of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, who succeeded Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

the tv magazine Star He indicated that, according to his information, the journalist Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, 46, would be back on Monday, March 7. The magazine was based on the schedules sent by the channel, in which the journalist’s name appeared. But TF1 just denied the information.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

Jacques Legros will also be replaced

Contacted by Télé Star, the group TF1 he said a computer glitch was the cause of the mix-up. A small error It slipped into the programming for the week of March 7, where the journalist’s name was automatically generated, said the first channel. The return date of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau It is still unknown, as indicated by TF1, which adds: the priority for Marie-Sophie and TF1 is to continue with her convalescence and recovery to return to television news as soon as possible.

Until further notice, it is Jacques Legros who will continue present the 13:00 of TF1. But after two months of hard work, the prankster from Marie-Sophie Lacarrau going to take a little vacation. From February 21 to 25 he will be replaced by Julien Arnaud, who usually replaces Gilles Bouleau at 8 p.m.. Which upset the habits of viewers.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau tf1

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: why won’t she return to TF1 at 1:00 p.m. on the announced date

While TF1 announced on Wednesday 16 february Marie-Sophie Lacarrau’s return to her post on March 7 is not the case. explanations.

A twist of fate! As viewers rejoiced to find Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in the 1:00 p.m. newspaper on TF1 After more than a month of absence, the information has just been denied by the channel on February 17. Announced for a March 7 comeback this Wednesday, February 16. Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will continue to recover on this date.

According to the information provided today by TF1 to Télé Star, a small error has crept into the programming for the week of March 7 where the name of journalist was generated automatically. TF1 adds that no return date has been set yet. The priority for Marie-Sophie and TF1 is that he continues with his convalescence and his recovery to return to the news as soon as possible, adds the private channel.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau absent from the TF1 newscast: what does she suffer from?

the 20 december, we were surprised to discover that Jacques Legros took over the 1pm news on TF1. Where was it Marie-Sophie Lacarrau ? The presenter was just holidays, a well-deserved vacation in this period of year-end celebrations. Therefore, we expected to find it in full form in january. Fate has decided otherwise. Because Marie-Sophie Lacarrau did not appear in the 1 pm newspaper in January 2022. His long-awaited return had to be postponed due to eye problems.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

Therefore, TF1 bet all their money on their wild card while waiting to see more clear. jacques legros will continue to present the noon news until February 18. He should also take a few days off after two months that have not been easy.

Julien Arnaud will succeed him from February 21 to 25, a surprising choice since the presenter usually replaces Gilles Bouleau in the chop of 20 hours. Jacques Legros will take the reins of the newspaper from 1:00 p.m. on TF1 until Starting Monday, February 28until new notice.


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