Marie-Paule makes a big announcement to her sisters in the season four finale of 5th rank


The Goulet sisters meet for lunch and Marie-Paule takes the opportunity to make a big announcement. Meanwhile, organized crime settles her score, and Marie-Jeanne prepares to make the person who caused her son’s death pay…

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For weeks, Marie-Jeanne, with the help of Lucas, has been trying to identify who was responsible for the explosion at Tina’s house, which cost her son his life. She has lost all will to live since that tragic night; only her desire for revenge on her motivates her to get up in the morning. She now has nothing to lose, and now that she knows the name of the culprit, she says that she is ready to go further than ever to achieve her goal…

“Marie-Jeanne now knows who is responsible for the explosion: it is Silvio Perri. All she wants now is revenge on this man. The last episode of the season will allow us to witness the apotheosis of this confrontation between Silvio, Lucas and Marie-Jeanne”, announces the author, Sylvie Lussier.

Bertrand Calmeau

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calm the game
Meanwhile, the Goulet sisters meet for lunch. “These are always beautiful scenes when we have all five sisters around the same table,” emphasizes Sylvie Lussier. As soon as she sees Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Luce guesses that something is wrong with her. She feels that her sister is in danger of making a big mistake and wants to protect her by trying to calm her desire for revenge. Despite her difficult past, Marie-Luce cares for Marie-Jeanne, who, however, is hard to stop when she has something on her mind. Will Marie-Luce find the right words to prevent her from committing the irreparable?

Marie-Paule can’t stop the conversation from getting out of control, but she has a duty to bring order to the table. In fact, it is she who has gathered the Goulet for this lunch, because she has great news to announce to them. Knowing Marie-Paule, we can expect anything, but her sisters will still be surprised by what she has to tell them, provoking very different reactions in each of them.


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on the tightrope
Pascal Faubert has had more than enough of the shenanigans of Tina and Lucas. He wants to get away from them to focus on his association with the Goulet family in projects like Fou de Food. He wants to end everything that is illegal, so he is surprised and disappointed when Marie-Luce asks for her help to cover up a money transfer that will serve to protect someone he loves dearly.

Paul is nowhere near a scam either. Due to his agreement with the Fournier-Costas, he was often forced to commit reprehensible acts, but recently he took an initiative that Lucas does not like at all. The latter wants to ensure everyone’s loyalty, and poor Paul will suffer the consequences. Trying to help him, Jean-Michel will also see his recklessness backfire on him. Meanwhile, Kim enlists her mother’s help in cheering up Camille, who reacts badly to her moving to Victoriaville. Marie-Louise and Robert are entitled to another discussion that threatens their partner, while Sophie and the other investigators move forward with certain inquiries.

Bertrand Calmeau

The Serie range 5e We will be back this fall. In September, her characters will suffer the consequences of what happened in this season finale, especially Marie-Jeanne. Fred will find it difficult to keep his ex-wife out of trouble, since Delphine wants to do everything that is in the precinct rules. While we worry about Jean-Michel, who disappeared without a trace, new characters will be added to the series.

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