Lola Dewaere: a documentary about her father forty years after his disappearance


There are legacies from which we ultimately cannot escape. Especially when it comes to a legendary actor, whom we hardly had time to call dad. Lola Dewaere was not even 3 years old when her father ended his life. The girl had to chase hers, with the ghost of Patrick Dewaere. Trying to build himself at the same time despite his eternal paternal reflection, with a brief but brilliant career. We thought that the subject could be taboo, while the actress, now recognized, came to present the third season ofAstrid and Raphael at Cannes Series. No. While the antihero of waltzesfrom Dark Series, Goodbye Chicken Where bad son Disappeared almost forty years ago, Lola tells us that she intends to revive her memory through a film she is preparing for France 5 with director Alexandre Moix. A documentary about Patrick Dewaere. In the father’s name, of course…

“For me it has become a necessity because I realized that, apart from people in the business, young people don’t know Patrick Dewaere, while he belongs to the heritage of French cinema., She believes. Les Valseuses, black series, he doesn’t tell them anything. I hope that with this film, some will be interested in his career. It’s not a spotlight on me, but of course Patrick Dewaere.”

The voiceover of the daughter, to give substance to the unpublished images of the father. As a reconciliation, despite the absence and misunderstanding.

“I really only met my father through his movies, and it was overwhelming to rediscover him through certain archives. Actually, I never got mad at him. His departure raised questions for me and may have created some imbalances in my love life. but I never blamed him…”

Few memories in common. But as illustrious as Patrick Dewaere is, he shared one thing with Lola: “He also suffered from imposture syndrome, she breathes, despite the acknowledgment gained with Astrid and Raphael. Patrick didn’t consciously leave any traces on me, but there is a kind of psychogenealogy that I see when I see him play. Facial expressions, likenesses, things I don’t control that are built into me.”

The shadow of the father does not darken her future as an actress. Each episode of Raphaëlle and Astrid accumulates between 4 and 5 million viewers on France 2. Plebiscite for this atypical duo, which links an autistic archivist with a spontaneous police officer. “It’s a show about embracing difference, and that’s exactly why I took on this project.gets excited.

It is not so much a series of investigations, it is above all a story of friendship between two women who are opposites, the autistic and the neurotypical. And then there’s this crazy side, a little Scoubidou, with a lot of little hidden references, because it’s written by a geeky genius. That is why we gathered a very large audience. »

So much so that season 3 is already filmed, which should be scheduled in May. Puzzle?

“Oh, there will be a lot of evolution in Astrid, although it’s not about betraying the autistic community either, we’re keeping an eye on it. Let’s say that Astrid is going to get off her nails because Raphaëlle is going to embarrass her. , and that ‘there will be love in the air’, Lola has fun.

Love, mystery, but also outstanding “guests”, like the series. Captain Marleau. Valérie Kaprisky, Olivier Rabourdin, Stéphane Guillon, as well as Bruno Wolkowitch“surprising as a monk, for research in a monastery, in an environment close to the Name of the rose.

There is no doubt that once again, viewers will not be asked. Especially since the actress of blossoming forms (she mistakenly did complex for a long time, until the success of Caramba!), he still gives a lot to his character. generously.

“I do my best, even if the author deletes a little later, laughs Lola, who no longer necessarily does what she wants. Raphaëlle, she can annoy me, as much as I love her. When she forgets her son at school, she makes me laugh, but when she strays too far, oddly enough, she scares me!

It must be said that between Raphaëlle Coste’s police armband and Carole Martinez’s police uniform in Crime in Biot Where Crime in Ramatuelle (which also just shot), the former rebel now embodies authority.

“Yes, but always with my big mouth, funny, a bit quirky.”

Looking down on it, Patrick Dewaere must sometimes laugh a lot…


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