Loana furious about her daughter Mindy, breaks down in the middle of an interview!


Loana has no intention of letting his intrusions into her painful past get in her way. People Act magazine tells you everything.

Loana has oscillated between shadow and light for years. People Act magazine gives you a more detailed description below. the old star and the lo-fi singer, who has been through a lot of trouble recently, is careful about her image in the media. It must be said that some of her videos and photos of her, especially on social networks, have created controversy, even scandal.

loana young

However, he accepted Jordan De Luxe’s ​​invitation, in collaboration with our colleagues at Purepeople, for an interview. He only had one request: not to talk about her. daughter Mindy. and effect, loan gave birth to little Mindy when she was very young.

Loana refuses to talk about her daughter Mindy

the the biological father of the child is the best your partner’s friend at the time. He led them to believe that the little girl was dead, but he placed her in the DDASS.

Despite numerous attempts to contact her, Mindy never wanted to talk to her. mother biological. He also failed to communicate with his granddaughter, who was born in 2017 and will soon be 5 years old.

Loana told PAM: She wants to stay in her corner and she doesn’t want to be like her mother. She doesn’t want to have contact with me. When someone tells you: ‘I don’t want to see you’, you don’t want to insist. I feel like I have the plague.

I’m not an outcast! After a while, you have to stop! Even if it’s a relative who tells you again that he doesn’t want to see you because he doesn’t want to be like you, you let it go.

Jordan De Luxe, however, tried his opportunity asking Loana if she had managed to reconnect with her daughter. Which hastened his departure of the board

Loana and her unusual journey

Loana Petrucciani was the first celebrity to emerge from the first French reality show, Loft Story.

The programme, broadcast on M6 in 2001, marked the beginning of a new era for the television French. Indeed, no such program existed before in our country. Our Dutch and British neighbors were used to it. Loft Story is an adaptation of the British game show Big Brother which is similar in concept.

Loana quickly stood out making love to Jean-Edouard in the Loft’s pool, under the gaze of amazed cameras and onlookers. This is the first time such an event has happened on TV, and the buzz is huge!

Young Loana wins the contest and a beautiful villa in St Tropez. Her celebrity status and the charm of sleep it would serve to launch her career in modeling and singing. She returns twice to reality television on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! then on Reality Angels. However, during this last broadcast, his condition physical and mental It is no longer what it was.

The Lofteuse has come a long way

Loana has gained a lot of weight in the last two decades. The young woman, who was very thin at the time, doubled her size due to nervous diabetes.

He revealed that this was due to the violence he suffered. Beginning in the 2010s, the young she was increasingly moving away from television shows. She Health physical and mental is often questioned.

Loana has repeatedly tried to end her life. She fell into alcoholism and made several stays in psychiatric hospital.

On several occasions, he also overdosed on medication, from which he miraculously escaped.

His condition did not improve. Her mother finally asks to be placed under guardianship. Her recovery is all the more difficult as she is a huge celebrity, known to all.


The Internet being what it is, many clever little ones get a kick out of hounding you and take pleasure in witnessing your descent into hells.

Loana goes up the hill slowly, with many climbs, but also many, many descents. This latest Jordan De Luxe mistake only helps clearly not.


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