La Voz 2022: The teams of trained coaches, a completely “crossed out” Talent


Continuation and end of the blind auditions of The voice this Saturday March 26, 2022 on TF1. If almost all the teams were already complete, the game was not over! In fact, the coaches have been greedy this year in the face of the many very talented candidates that have come their way. They all blew the chips by recruiting more candidates for their teams than the 14 spots available.


David (30) is a longtime singer and musician. He often officiates for various private events”quite high end“, which allows him to earn a good living. But today he wants to emancipate himself from this environment to have the opportunity to express himself by singing his own songs that resemble him and thus really launch his career as a musician. David has in any case already all consummate artist in the eyes of the four coaches who were quick to press their horns.I start tonight with a big crush.Amel Bent gushed at the end of her melancholy and tightly controlled performance. I have everything, I have the voice, I have the emotion, I have the interpretation, I have the precision…

David join the team of amel folded.


Velours is her stage name. She never took singing lessons so The voice It is a real challenge for her. She tried to stand out by offering a taste of her universe on the subway. you will forget by Régine, later revised by Larusso. Velours was accompanied by her piano to interpret a soft and graceful version of the song that moved Marc Lavoine and Florent Pagny. The latter highlighted her precision and her technique while Marc Lavoine appreciated her humility on stage.

Velvet join the team of marc lavoin.


Stephen comes straight from the south of France and is… an ace at petanque! But he is good for the music he participated in. The voice, his other passion to which he dedicates himself fully in addition to theater, since he is also an actor. It was with the same energy that he demonstrated backstage that Stephen appeared on stage and brought a great rock and roll moment to the show, even knocking his microphone off at the end of his benefit. “he is forbidden“, commented Florent Pagny, hilarious and attracted by his personality. The coach also appreciated his very deep voice. Like Marc Lavoine, also in the race to incorporate him into his team.

Stephen join the team of marc lavoin.


Mathéo had a specific goal in participating in The voice : Join Amel Bent’s team! Successful bet as the candidate managed to charm the coach on stage, who could not resist the ringing of the bell just before the end of the song. “I had to turn around, there was nothing that was too much. I looked for what I could do to keep it from coming back and found nothing. I love your vibrato that gives you signature and for me you can not not be The Voice,” he said.

Matthew join the team of amel folded.


Vael hails from Quebec, has had a twelve-year career in music, and has toured the world in various groups. Therefore, she could never really define herself as an artist. She is going solo today and sees the show as a great springboard. “There is a beautiful purity in your tone of voice, your falsetto had an effect on me. It is really nice“, Florent Pagny explained. Marc Lavoine can only agree, adding that he was very moved by the candidate’s performance and acknowledging a “pretty amazing voice“.

Vael join the team of Florence Pagny.


Jérôme (34 years old) is a physiotherapist in life. At his workplace, he can’t resist bringing his guitar to play some tunes for his patients. This passion for music is also transmitted to his son César (1 year and a half). Passing the cast of The voice, wants to show him that nothing is impossible and that it is important to always pursue his dreams. Marc Lavoine is the only one who has turned around at the last second and despite his great hesitation. According to him, Jérôme got too close to the original version of the song. However, he was seduced by the candidate’s raspy voice and his precision, all in a very rock tone.

jeronimo join the team of marc lavoin.


Jean lived 10 years in London, where she sang in musicals. He now wants to reveal his own personality by going solo and her blind audition didn’t deny his great talent. Jean managed to convince three of the trainers, namely Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine. The delicacy of him andhis way of putting words“In a very moving and graceful way it didn’t leave them numb.”It is obvious that there had to be someone who turnsVianney blurted out.

Cowboy join the team of marc lavoin.


The 18-year-old was teased by her classmates throughout her childhood for her atypical appearance. But this Talent with 23 tattoos has learned to take responsibility over time. And Ambriel identifies a lot with Amel Bent. Also, he interpreted his title Turn the head. Its objective ? Make her feel emotions with her own song and watch her turn around. Mission successful, her powerful and slightly cracked voice quickly seduced her despite a few false notes, enough to make her burst into tears. “I haven’t even sung it yet. You sang it before me on stage, I only sang it in the studio“, Launched the only coach who has turned around.

Ambriel joins the team ofamel folded.


Music plays a very important role in his life. Accompanied by his cello, he was ready to assume that he could sing in front of professionals and an audience. Good news, Marc Lavoine was delighted with his smooth and sensitive performance. He appreciated how the 31-year-old Lyon player told the story of Until my last breath. “You have a voice that caught me. And the story you told me. I saw the people you were talking about, the periods. It was very beautiful. The only thing I really didn’t like about the song was the passage you did with your voice. I find it a bit too noisy. Nothing happens“Marc Lavoine confided.

Yannick join the team of marc lavoin.


Vianney : Axel, Louise, Gabin, Maseko, Mister Mat, Henry, Charles, Gauthier, Léna, Paloma, Pauline, Louis, Nyr, Ila

amel folded : Nabila, Vike, Ollie, Marie, Raphaël, Léa, Luigiano, Dorian, Leeroy, Nicolas, Jérôme, Lisa, Chérine, Vanessa, David, Mathéo, Ambriel

Florence Pagny : Sonia, Lou Dassi, Nour, Nathalie, Thomas, Amber, Marina, Maggy, Morgane, Jade, June, Emilie, Kevin, Élise, Vael

marc lavoin : Maestrina, Ophélie, Clément, Madeline, Caroline, Jérôme, Basil, Axel, Jessie, Fabien, Apie, Jules, Velours, Stephen, Jérôme, Jean, Yannick

Nolwenn Leroy : Jean Palau, Loris, Leo, Julian


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