Jean-Pierre Foucault loses the battle against the treasury: salty tax adjustment for the presenter


The bill was salty for Jean-Pierre Foucault according to site information Gotham City. The 74-year-old presenter had to give the ISF (solidarity tax on wealth) a small fortune after having made investments that prevented him from going to the cash register between 2011 and 2015.

It was in the 1970s that Evelyne Jarre’s partner began her career on television. She and she traveled a very good path from then on by presenting her in particular the academy of nine (Antenna 2), Who wants to win millions? (TF1) or even Holy night (TF1). These beautiful years allowed him to reap a great fortune. This allowed him to embark on various investments such as an advertising film production company (le Film de votre vie SA, liquidated in 2016) or to be a 25% shareholder in the group of graduate schools Mediaschool, in Marseille. He too invested in renewable energy after meeting businessman Jean-Christophe Bestaux. He thus invested money in two photovoltaic plants in Guadeloupe: 10% of Petit canal 1 les palétuviers SARL and 8% of Solar Farm of Sainte Marguerite SARL. As well as in two companies located in Santo Domingo: 10.5% of Manzanillo power land and 20% of Inversiones tegna Caribe. Even in 2015 he changed the corporate purpose of his company Parasol Production to incorporate energy production.

This allowed him not to pay the wealth tax (ISF) that he had to pay until 2017 (the year in which Emmanuel Macron abolished it). The place Capital who transmits the information indicates that in 2015 he had to pay 68,817 euros”, cwhich, at the rate in force at the time, corresponded to assets of approximately €7.5 million“. But to avoid this, he it was based on the Girardin law, which allowed investments in Dom Tom to be exempt from taxes, as well as the Dutreil pact, to reduce the ISF by 75%. For this latest trick, he had to agree to pass on his inheritance, something he did for his daughter Virginie, and he the activity of the company had to be mainly commercial.

But over time, the Fisc considered that Parasol Production no longer met all the conditions benefit from the Dutreil Pact. In 2017, Jean-Pierre Foucault therefore had an adjustment of 365,394 euros by his ISF for the years 2011 to 2015. The presenter and Evelyne Jarre contested this decision. before the court of Paris, then before the court of appeal. A battle they lost. it was for him clarified that the company’s turnover for commercial activities was minimal and that this no longer allowed it to benefit from the Girardin law, and therefore from a tax reduction.

Mr. Foucault does not prove that the assets devoted to commercial activity would represent more than 50% of his gross assets. In contrast, the data collected by the tax authorities reveals that gross assets are mainly made up of marketable securities. Mr. Foucault does not provide any element that contradicts the analysis thus carried out by the tax authorities. He is content to invoke the only turnover generated essentially by commercial activity, without submitting any accounting document to justify it. Consequently, Mr. Foucault does not prove that the commercial activity acquired a preponderant character“, the court ruled. An opinion shared by the court of appeal: “The company has chosen to use its treasury to carry out investment operations, through the acquisition of negotiable securities, as well as holdings in renewable energy producing companies. Thus, the company dedicates part of its resources to investment operations, thus carrying out a civil activity of managing its assets. [et non commerciale]. Mr. Foucault does not prove that the assets used for commercial activity would represent more than 50% of his gross assets. Cash (investments + cash) represents between 79.5% and 89% of gross assets for the years considered. The invoicing obtained by the commercial activity is less than 50% of the amount of the total invoicing of each of the years considered.

Contacted by our colleagues, Jean-Pierre Foucault’s lawyer, Philippe Gosset, declined to comment.


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