It rains tributes after the announcement of the retirement of Pierre Bruneau


The messages of tribute followed one another on social networks on Thursday night after the announcement of the retirement of Pierre Bruneau, who spent 46 years as a presenter on TVA.

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“Quebecs will miss Pierre Bruneau. After 46 years of career, we can say that it is a deserved retirement. Thank you for informing Quebec all these years!” Prime Minister François Legault shared on Twitter.

“Happy retirement, Pierre Bruneau! What career! Presenter of TVA Nouvelles for 46 years and winner of 26 Artis trophies, he has received many other distinctions, including the Ordre de Montréal medal in 2020. Congratulations!” wrote Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

“Rigidity, nuance and transparency, three of the many qualities of a television monument like Pierre Bruneau. Huge respect for the work you have done Mr. Bruneau. Happy retirement!” said Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Pierre Bruneau during my years at TVA. He is a true gentleman, generous with his experience and his time with his teammates. I would like to wish the best of retirement to Mr. Pierre Bruneau, great information in Quebec”, shared Minister Nathalie Roy.

“For a political and information addict, Pierre Bruneau will have accompanied him everywhere, from the kitchen to the office, offering him a rigor that arouses confidence. And being interviewed or debated by Pierre Bruneau was a great privilege. Thank you very much and again!” wrote the leader of the Bloc, Yves-François Blanchet.

“It’s the end of an era. For more than four decades, Pierre Bruneau has kept Quebecers informed from the TVA Nouvelles office. He also put me on the spot once or twice. Thanks for all your work, Pedro. I wish you a wonderful retirement,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

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“I want to say THANK YOU to Pierre Bruneau! We’ll savor every moment by your side until you retire this fall. What a privilege to meet you daily. Pierre is our head of the family at TVA. A friend, a motivator, a confidant,” wrote “À vos affaires” host Pierre-Olivier Zappa.

“In the last heads-up, the first, I entered the canvas with stress. Pierre Bruneau took two seconds to bring me back to earth. Calm and professional, always,” shared Québec Solidaire spokeswoman Manon Massé.

“The Victoriavillois Pierre Bruneau announces his retirement after 46 years with TVA Nouvelles. Mr. Bruneau, you are a true source of pride for the City of Victoriaville. I wish you a beautiful and well-deserved retirement. Perhaps a return to your hometown? Mayor Antoine Tardif joked.

“The most important factor in measuring professional success is duration. I would like to greet my colleague Pierre Bruneau, who announced that he will retire on June 16, after a 46-year career as a TVA presenter. Congratulations and have a good trip!” host Patrice Roy wrote.

“I often saw Pierre Bruneau on his bike going to TVA. Sometimes, in the light, he would talk to people in his cars. A long time. All a light. It would be a lie to say that I know him well. But we all know a bit about it, don’t we? It was his great strength: being close to us,” shared host Geneviève Pettersen.

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