‘Island of love’: the first five boys introduced


“Island of Love” returns for a second season and, to get into beach mode right now, the production has revealed the identities, and shirtless photos, of the first five islanders who will try to enjoy as long as possible the scorching sun of the island. Island. Dominican Republic.

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First, specify that they are between 21 and 23 years old and that they all come from the Montreal region. Three are students (finance, sociology, and financial and insurance technical services). The other two are, respectively, a real estate broker, as well as a diamond driller and a bartender.

The portraits can be seen at QUB.ca.

It is in a superb villa in Las Terranas that these gentlemen and ladies will settle down and also embark on the adventure.

We promise once again many surprises and setbacks. We now know that other girls and boys will join them over the weeks and shake up the established order.

The first five girls will be announced shortly.

Naadei and Mehdi back

Naadei Lyonnais and Mehdi Bousaidan are back. The first will continue to animate the ceremonies of the flame that allow candidates to be eliminated and the second will resume its frankly funny narration.

Produced by Productions Déferlantes, “L’île de l’amour” premieres on Monday, April 18, at 9 pm, on TVA and TVA+.


Here are the portraits of the first five men who will participate in “The Island of Love”, as provided by the production:


Age: 22 years old

City: Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Occupation: Diamond Driller and Bartender

Astrological sign: Pisces

From the height of his 6 foot 2, Adam misses no opportunity to seduce the fairer sex. Impossible for him to physically describe his ideal woman. To him, everyone is beautiful! In the village, he wants to experience something intense and, who knows, maybe find someone who will steal his enchantress’s heart.

What you need to know about Adam:

● When a girl really interests you, you can get up at 4 am to take her to see a sunrise. #Romantic

● Master some Latin dance steps that you perform to seduce.

● He was once a worker on an alpaca farm.


● Warning girls: you have to take your time with him because he doesn’t open up quickly.

● He has lucky pants for very special occasions… #WinkWink


Age: 23 years old

City: Pincourt

Occupation: sociology student

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

When Kharl walks into a room, all eyes are on his flamboyant grin (and rock-solid abs, we’re not going to lie). This college football player dreams that his sport will take him to the professional leagues. He wants to start a big family, his own “soccer team”. All he needs is the perfect quarterback!

What you need to know about Kharl:

● He’s talented! He has been playing the piano for 10 years and speaks three languages: English, French and Creole.

● The song that motivates you to work harder in the gym: “Sous le vent” by Céline Dion. #What if you think it will never end

● He has three passions in life: football, women and ice cream #CornetÀDeuxBoules

● Girls better bring their sneakers because he likes dates that move!

● He’s a competitive guy: if he’s the second choice, forget it girls!


Age: 21 (but she’s convinced she looks 23)

City: Mascouche

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Astrological sign: Taurus

William is a true salesman! He is a confident guy, a bit headstrong, “but in a good way!” What he doesn’t reveal at first glance is his romantic side as a little boy with mom and his habits as a gentleman. His best seduction tool is the famous “piercing gaze + smile” combo. It works every time!

What you need to know about William:

● Watch out girls! She lives with her mother and tells her EVERYTHING!

● To impress a date, cook her classic salmon tartare.

● Her favorite drink: blueberry vodka.

● He has already been a children’s make-up artist. His specialty: tiger faces and soccer balls.

● His arrogant appearance may stem from his hockey years that brought him to the United States.


Age: 23 years old

City: Mascouche

Occupation: Student in financial services and insurance technology

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Samuel loves golf, fashion… and being the center of attention! His totem animal: the rooster. If someone tries to take up more space than him, he doesn’t hesitate to speak up and get noticed. In love, nothing too good for the sweet of him. He will beat you to the moon, no less! He promises to be an ultra loyal boyfriend and a man to marry.

What you need to know about Samuel:

● He has several nicknames: Sam, SB, Brunelle, The big boy, The big G and Brubru #CestLessComplicateDeLappelleJusteSam

● In his group of friends, he is the reference for advice on the weaker sex.

● He is an ultra-confident seducer who is not afraid to approach an unapproachable girl.

● His ideal date: a round of golf. #TrouDunCoup


Age: 23 years old

City: Montreal

Occupation: finance student

Astrological sign: Pisces

Gabriel is a Machine Gun Kelly looking for his Megan Fox. This (tall) 6ft 3 bachelor has never known true love. A former soccer player, he dedicates himself full time to his new favorite sport: dating (and he practices it regularly).

What you need to know about Gabriel:

● His goal on the Island of Love: to meet the girl who can introduce him to his mother.

● He considers himself a party animal and a professional cupid for his friends (when he wants to share).

● Reached the top 1% worldwide in a soccer video game.

● Every morning he takes a moment to meditate and evacuate negative thoughts. #Swipe left

● Once a week, buy a small gift and walk “commando” #LibéréDélivré


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