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Best known for her role in “Little House on the Prairie,” Melissa Sue Anderson is one of the youngest actresses of her generation. 40 years after the end of the series that made her famous, the life of the actress has changed enormously.

After making her debut in the series “Little House on the Prairie”, Melissa Sue Anderson enjoyed great success. A talented actress, she has appeared in numerous movies, TV movies, and series. Now 59, the actress is a fulfilled woman. Married with two children, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Born on September 26, 1962 in Berkeley, California, Melissa Sue Anderson is the youngest child in her family. Her parents divorced when she was 13 years old. After this separation, the girl was raised by her mother. Passionate about dance, she had had a teacher who had allowed her to find an agent. That was how she made her first appearances in commercials.

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He took his first steps on television in 1974 in the series “My beloved witch”. After making a few small appearances in other series, she landed her first big role in “Little House on the Prairie” when she was only 11 years old.

For several years she played Marie Ingalls, the eldest daughter of Charles (Michael Landon) and Caroline Lake Quiner (Karen Grassle). Her collaboration with Michael Landon had opened many doors for her. In fact, it is thanks to him that she played in the movie “The lonliest Runner”. Thanks to her role as Marie Ingalls, the actress was nominated in 1978 for the Emmy Awards for the best actress.

Apart from “Little House on the Prairie” which she left in 1981 during the seventh season, Melissa Sue Anderson has starred in other series such as “The Fun Cruise”, “Chips”, “Bruke’s Law”, “X-men”, “Igualada” .

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He has also starred in film productions such as ‘Looking Your Best’, ‘Happy Birthday: Wish Never To Be Invited’, ‘Survival of Dana’ and many more. She is also the author of the autobiographical book “The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House.”


During her career, Melissa Sue Anderson played small roles on sitcoms. It was during one of these appearances that she met Frank Sinatra Jr. She was invited to play Cinderella in “The Love Boat”, she would give the replica to the famous singer’s son.

She had discovered in him a kind man who listened to her instead of treating her like a child. They had met again in “The cruise has fun” and she had discovered her talent as a singer. At the time of their meeting, Frank Sinatra Jr. was 33 years old, while the actress was only a 17-year-old teenager.

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They had both tied tight friendship. They got along so well that the young man had his mother, his sisters Nancy and Tina. He was also able to meet Frank Sinatra Sr. Over time, their relationship had changed and they had become more than friends. In 2010, during the promotion of his book, he had evoked the youth of Frank Sinatra Jr.

Indeed, the actress had explained that it had not been easy for him to grow up in the shadow of his famous father. Despite all his talent, he was always compared to his father, which did not allow him to have a career according to his abilities. Frank Sinatra I died in 2016 of cardiac arrest.


In addition to Frank Sinatra, Melissa Sue had other romantic idylls, in particular with Lorenzo Lama. But it was her meeting with producer Michael Sloan that had a huge impact on her life. The two had met in the late 1980s on the set of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

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Their romance had led to a marriage celebrated on May 17, 1990. After her marriage, the actress had gradually moved away from the cameras to dedicate herself to her family life. A choice her husband had insisted on respecting.

In a document released on NT1, the producer admitted that he is responsible for the disappearance of his wife from the screens.

“Yes, it’s true, I admit that I completely destroyed his career. In fact, she didn’t want her career to take precedence over her private life and her life with the kids. I think it’s all his merit, it’s a very good decision.”

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If there’s one thing Melissa Sue Anderson has managed to do, it’s keep the paparazzi away from her family. Married for 29 years with the producer and screenwriter Michael Sloan, the actress is very discreet about her private life.

Michael Sloane has a rich career in the world of cinema. He worked on series like “The Hardy boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries”, “The Equalizer”. He also has several books to his credit dealing with romance, politics, and many other topics.

The actress and her husband have lived in Montreal, Canada since 2002. They became naturalized in 2007. Melissa Sue Anderson and Michael Sloane have been a happily married couple for almost 3 decades, which is quite a feat in Hollywood.

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If Melissa Sue Anderson’s childhood was spent in the spotlight, the actress wanted her children to lead a different life. She left her film career to dedicate herself to her children.

The actress became a mother a year after celebrating her wedding. She had a daughter named Piper. 5 years later, a boy named Griffin Henry came to complete the family. The fact of become a mom completely changed the life of the actress.

Melissa Sue Anderson is very happy to have been able to accompany her children in all the important moments of their lives. Very proud of them, she is equally concerned about her daughter who dreams of conquering Hollywood.

Melissa Sue Anderson | photo: Getty Images

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