Here’s why Mariloup Wolfe wants to preserve her secret garden


A magnificent light has settled outside. It’s spring on Clark Street in Montreal. As I enter the attic where we meet, Mariloup’s azure blue eyes have the same effect on me as this April sun. The multidisciplinary artist sits in the makeup chair. He greets me with that girlish air that has never left her. Drawn to the zenith of her, I immediately sit in front of her and, as if nothing, our interview has already begun. Encounter with an enlightened and benevolent woman.

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Mariloup, I have the impression that you have been more discreet in recent months, am I wrong?
In fact, I think for a long time I had the image of the open and easily accessible girl, but I would say that I have deliberately become more discreet. It must be said that the years of the pandemic have been, for my part, more conducive to discretion.

Your personal life is also not found on social media…
I’m not very interested and, besides, I wouldn’t want to manage all the comments. (laughs) But your question got me thinking, and I think I’ve evolved in that direction and become more discreet. Today I want to preciously preserve my secret garden and I no longer want to share everything; be it my love life, my most intimate moments and even my opinions. Today’s society stops me in this regard.

What drives you at the beginning of spring?
I’m very lucky. I am very busy and that makes me happy. I’m in the middle of the documentary series. the big move, which led me to travel throughout Quebec. I have to deliver all 10 episodes very soon and I’m also working on the post-production of the movie I shot last summer in Quebec, called Arlette.

Is it a choice to find yourself behind the scenes more often?
It is not only a choice, but also a burning desire. This dream of being a director, I treasure it for so long! I made room little by little and measure my luck with each new project.

So there is less space for the actress?
When a movie or series project comes into my life, I have a full year, so I can’t fit anything else into it. In a way, it left less space for the game, but if a proposal came, I would take the time to analyze everything well, because I still like to play.

Don’t you miss him too much?
To tell the truth, when I shoot commercials for Chevrolet, it’s my little candy! It’s so much easier than driving! I don’t wear many hats and I get “baby”! (laughs) The discretion of recent years may be due to the fact that I am much more behind the camera now.

Photo: © Julien Faugère / TVA Publications

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What is the difference between your work as a director and that of an actress?
Directing is a truly comprehensive profession. I get involved from the beginning of the projects. I feel like I’m being very creative: choosing the cast, the crew, the aesthetics of the film, etc. I am a team player and I love all these aspects of the director’s job, which feeds me tremendously.

What are the differences with your work as an actress?
The director’s brain must be multiple; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it lives in me during the whole project and, to all that, we add immense pressure. Acting can be stressful too, but I focus on one thing: my character. Dig deeper to get as close to this character as possible.

Is it a preparation that is done more solitary?
Yes. The profession of an actor is, in my opinion, more lonely than that of a director. If one day, for example, I arrive correctly at the scene that I’m in demand as an actress, the beau me donner plein d’utils pour y arriver, if I don’t excel, I suis toute seule to the world. But whether in one profession or another, they are trades in which you have to be very involved. But I think I managed to find a balance to invert myself without harming myself.

How are your children, Miro and Manoé?
They grow so fast! Manoé will soon be 12 years old and will enter secondary school in September. This is a very important passage in your life. He is totally passionate about video games… To my great despair! (laughs) But I must say that it is greatly appreciated through this and that it is very good! My youngest son, Miro, is a soccer fan; he is his whole life.

What kind of mother are you?
I would be very curious to hear my children answer this question! (laughs) I would say that I am half authoritarian, half conciliatory. My mood depends on the periods; Sometimes I have less patience and always repeating the same thing ends up irritating me!

Welcome to the club! (laughs)
Otherwise, I would tell you that school is very important to me! So I am strict when it comes to homework and school work. I am responsible for the academic part and everything related to extracurricular activities and I love this role. Education opens all possible doors and I want my children to have access to it.

You are demanding?
Not really. I don’t want to put pressure on the kids. What I ask is that they be above average!

What is your relationship with them?
I have really “sticky” guys! All my friends tell me I’m lucky. I do many activities with them.

Aren’t they old enough to be ashamed of their mother yet?
My oldest son started this! I can’t take him to school anymore! But at the same time, last week, I was accompanying him to an activity with his class and I voluntarily stood behind the group to leave him with his friends. To my surprise, he was the one who came to accompany me and accompanied me throughout the activity.

Photo: © Julien Faugère / TVA Publications

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What is the core value you want to pass on to your children?
Respect, kindness and empathy are the most important values ​​that I want to pass on to you. I also want them to be happy in whatever they choose to do in life. I teach them as best I can that you can be in control of your choices and that if, along the way, you realize you haven’t done the right thing, you can always make another one! Traveling also remains a very important legacy for me. I traveled a lot with my parents when I was a child and I do the same with my children.

Where did you go together?
I haven’t taken long trips with them yet, but we’ve been to the beach many times, I’ve promised each of my children two trips; one at 6 hours by plane at 12 years old, and another at 18 years old, wherever they want, anywhere in the world. Manoé will therefore be entitled to his first solo trip with me this year.

Where do you want to go?
He is mixed. At the moment he would like to go to London, but that may change! Miro wants to go to Portugal, to watch a football match of course! (laughs)

What are you launching in the universe on the race side?
I aspire to do projects abroad, but more in the medium term.

As director?
Yes, as a director. I realize that the actress side is not very present in my mind anymore!

Why abroad?
Having more means, which would allow me to create even more. But as long as my children are young, I will not leave Quebec. Sometimes I find it difficult to work a lot in the summer when they are on vacation… Eventually, I would like to have only one big project a year and be able to be with my children the rest of the time.

What kind of director are you?
I trust a lot in harmony and goodness. I like to direct with benevolence, both the actors and my technical and artistic team. As an actress I have known all kinds of sets and I try to reproduce the work atmospheres that I liked. For me it is essential to create an environment in which I can bring out the best in everyone.

Harmony seems important to you…
Over the years, I pushed away all my toxic and energy consuming relationships. I try to choose a harmonious and positive climate, even if it means missing out on a contract that could have been worth it to me, in every sense of the word.

Female friendship also seems important to you. You are part of a group of girls who see each other regularly. What are you going to get out of these friendships?
Mainly laughter and madness! These girls take me to another realm that takes me out of my daily life. Our symbiosis was created to have fun.

Only for that?
No. To go shopping too! (laughs) And maybe a bit for gossip too! (laughs) But seriously, the goal of our meetings is focused on pure and simple pleasure. These friends make me feel good. We don’t all do the same work, but we gravitate in the same universe. We understand each other. I love!

As I was getting ready to leave, Mariloup almost ran to meet Julien, the photographer, who was asking about her. We chatted so much that the beautiful light present in the studio gradually faded. She was all dressed in white that appeared in front of the photographer’s lens. “Don’t worry about your light, Julien! It has so much in it that you could photograph it at night, without a flash!” I left the room in a general burst of laughter and my eyes fell fondly on this incredible human who, despite all her exceptional achievements, will always have that girlish air about her.

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