“He just left us”


This Monday, April 4, the teams of Fort Boyard declared the disappearance of a member of his team. The society Adventure line productions He had the sadness to announce this sad loss on the Twitter account of this flagship program and so appreciated by viewers.

Fort Boyard: the show is all about the disappearance of a team member…

The show airs on antenna 2then France 2 since 1990, and is considered one of the favorites of the summer period. Indeed, Fort Boyard It has become unmissable and the summer event that you cannot miss. Thus, every summer, address La Rochelle with always a lot of surprises. Be it casting, new games or new plays. Furthermore, there are even foreign countries that travel to the fort to film and broadcast the show internationally.

One thing is certain, we love to discover our fans in extreme conditions and we are attached to the recurring characters of Fort Boyard. For example, it is impossible not to mention Passe-Muraille, Passe-Partout, Chef Willy, Félindra or the famous Father Fouras that never comes down from its tower… We always have a good evening watching this family show with Olivier Minne as host.

While the teams of Fort Boyard they are filming the shows to open their doors for this new season, they just heard some sad news and they have to deal with it. In fact, the company Adventure Line Productions just lost a “member inevitable”. “It is with sadness that we learned of his disappearance after a traffic accident”we can read in the post.

Fort Boyarda big family

It is always heartbreaking to lose someone close to you. We know that Fort Boyard It is a great family whose teams have remained united during all these years. Viewers are loyal to the show. Fort Boyard for their characters. So who had a serious car accident?

This person played a very important role in issuing Fort Boyard. Unfortunately, she joined the stars of a the way tragic and sudden. These are the words of the producer of Alexia Laroche-Joubert about this event: ” It’s with sadness that we learned of the disappearance of Etienne Daude after a traffic accident. An essential member of the Fort Boyard family, Etienne was a rope access technician there. All our thoughts are with his family, children and loved ones of his. We express our sincerest condolences.”

The show released its iconic felines.

Already at the end of 2021, Fort Boyard he had been in the spotlight. In fact, the show was at the heart of news and all the media talked about it. The topic concerned the show’s flagship animals, namely felines. That is, the law had evolved in November 2021 whose purpose is “fight against animal abuse and strengthen the bond between animals and people”. Hugo Clément is a great journalist and a great defender of animal rights and he said the following: “Obviously it is a very good decision, although I know that they were not mistreated there. Locked in a small cage in the middle of the ocean, they didn’t really belong. Furthermore, he added:Fort Boyard is a episode wonderful, I enjoy participating in it and I enjoy watching it, but it has you don’t need that to exist.

In any case, Fort Boyard had to go spend sooner or later: “At a time when the presence of wild animals in circuses is going to be banned, their presence could no longer be justified solely for entertainment and to be shown on television”declares Hugo Clément, this Monday April 4 for our colleagues from La Provence.


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