Gods of Mars, the sequel that we will never see


Andrew Stanton, director of John Carterdetails his project for an aborted sequel to his 2012 feature film.

In early 2022, Roland Emmerich’s new film, moon fall, literally crashed into theaters. Of its budget of around $140 million, the disaster film failed to gross $40 million worldwide. A spectacular disaster, which puts it on the list. of the biggest economic failures of recent years.

A list that was enriched, now 10 years ago, with one of the most glorious examples of a mega blockbuster that failed to win at the box office, John Carter. The unloved, even the indefensible John Cartermade by Andrew Stanton with kitschy taylor and lynncollins has, in fact, he just made a profit on his $250 million in production costs – which therefore do not include the film’s promotional budget – with $284,139,100 grossed worldwide.

John Carter: photo, Taylor KitschIn search of the lost sequel

Therefore, failure is bitter and buried any plans for a Disney sequel – who saw in this adaptation of princess of mars a trilogy plan. Additionally, the director shared what he had in mind for his aborted sequel, gods of marsdetailing the prologue first:

“I liked the idea of ​​starting with a prologue. There should be a different character in each movie reciting a prologue. The first is from Willem. [Dafoe ndlr], in tars. The second should have been narrated by Dejah. She would have allowed anyone who hadn’t seen the first movie to get a glimpse of the story that was going to unfold before her eyes.

There would have been short, interesting images of works of art, or something like that. And later, we would have found out that she was telling her baby everything. Then we realize “My God, it’s the boy. It’s Carthoris, the son of Dejah Thoris and Carter.” The story he tells is that of the father this child will never know. »

John Carter: photo, Taylor KitschA sequel with as much scope as the first?

The director goes on to say that Dejah Thoris’s character’s father, Tardos Mors, originally played by Ciarán Hinds – came to spend some time alone with the child. Dejah was leaving the room, but we realized that her father was, in fact, the antagonist Matai Shang, who appeared in the first feature as strong brand – and that it had been transformed. Andrew Stanton later recounts that Shang was kidnapping the boy. and then the opening credits of the film began directly.

From then on, we find John Carter, right after the events of the end of the first film, where the character was looking to return to Mars. Then the man found himself on the desert planet again and went to find the beauty of it. But upon meeting the characters from the first feature film, Taylor Kitsch learned that Lynn Collins was nowhere to be found and who had gone in search of the child. Stanton later expanded on the film’s sequel:

John Carter : PhotoWhen we tell you we’ll never see John Carter

“And then, like in Secret of the Planet of the Apes, it all happens underground, where everyone goes to find out who really rules the planet. There is a whole race down there that is in possession of new technologies. In a nutshell, it’s a third world living without knowing what was happening on the surface and never having left, while dealing with air, water and all that makes the world work. Yes, I can go on for a long time. »

Andrew Stanton therefore shared the outline of what could have been a vast and exciting story. gods of mars seemed to suggest a rich and dense extension of the already generous mythology of the first film, with new environments, a new species and new challenges. Unfortunately, this sequel will never see the light of day and the construction of this extended universe will surely remain just a fantasy for years to come.

John Carter : Photo Taylor Kitsch, Lynn CollinsA romance as unfulfilled as the saga

Since the failure of John Carter, Andrew Stanton has only signed one feature film, Finding Doryin 2016. However, the guy rubbed shoulders with several episodes of the series for Strange things, Better call Saul, tales of the loop and for all mankind. We hope to see the director of the nemo’s world and e-wall returns behind the camera of a feature film that we can discover on the big screen.


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