Gérard Lenorman is the end of this disease that eats away at him.


For artists like Gérard Lenorman, the successive confinements have been synonymous with a break with their audience.

In promotion of his next album, Gérard Lenorman confided in the difficult period of confinement, during an interview. Being deprived of concerts is an ordeal that eats away at him, the singer revealed.

No more physical concerts, the singers had to resolve to organize performances at home, on social networks, with three string pieces. A complicated situation that gerard lenorman experienced as a true ordeal.

Concerts are my lifesaver. And if they deprive me, it kills me. I’m halfway there deadsaid the 76-year-old singer in the columns of a major French magazine.

gerard lenorman

In more than 40 years of career, gerard lenorman He was incredibly lucky: he never stopped performing on stage. I have never stopped except for a year and a half, regrets the interpreter of If I were president, in promotion of her next album The taste of happiness.

It was this project that allowed him to endure. Fortunately, I finished the album. The lockdown was torture, she said, revealing that she suffered from a serious illness. I can’t stand lying, she added, while specifying that she no longer watches television because they lie to us every day.

Gérard Lenorman The Ballad of Happy People

A new self-produced album

Those The last few months have been difficult for Gérard lenorman The star singer of the 1970s had to cancel all his concerts because of the pandemic. Worse yet, no record company wanted to produce his new album.

The singer of La balada de las gente feliz had to produce his album himself, whose first single was written by Vianney. You can’t imagine how much I spent! You can’t imagine how much I spent! Much more than I will earn, he confided to our colleagues at Ton Mag, admitting that producing a record at the age of 76 is still crazy.

Gerard Lenorman ill

Gérard Lenorman: this blow he has to face

After a particularly difficult period of confinementGérard Lenorman was determined to release a new album, but no record company wanted to produce it.

While his former producer Jean-Claude Camus keeps screaming that he’s old-fashioned and old-fashioned, this doesn’t stop Gérard Lenorman from pursuing an admirable career and traveling the France to resume their mythical hits against an audience that remains captivated.

It must be said that the singer-star of the 70s has faith and that he remains popular, despite what some think, as the tribute paid to him shows. Carla Bruni a few months ago retaking his famous Ballads of happy people. But popularity or not, the 75-year-old singer is today In a dead end.

After a difficult confinement (I’m paralyzed! He said a few weeks ago on RTL Info), Gérard Lenorman must face another harsh reality, according to the newspaper France Sunday, currently on sale in newsstands: most of their concerts have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to stop it.

It’s a blow to this music enthusiast who had only dreamed for months of being able to get back on the road. But even worse: he couldn’t find a single record company ready to produce his next album.

Gerard Lenorman's disease

rejected everywhere

Twenty years after his last album “La Raison de l’autre” he had already had problems finding a producer, he saw this period of rejection very badly. He worked hard to produce these lyrics and is frustrated that none of the major labels are interested.

Will she keep going until she maybe seduces a producer? Will you use a participatory project, or will you record at home to spread on the web? If you haven’t already made his decisionWe wish him the best of luck so that his voice can be heard again.

I have a shitty life for that: Gérard Lenorman makes a surprising confidence

After 21 years without releasing an original album, Gérard Lenorman returns to the front of the stage with a new album. If it took him so long to decide and record, it’s because he’s very demanding. AN Character trait that ruins his life, as he trusted!

gerard lenorman He decided to come out of his lair. At 76 years old and after 21 years without releasing a new song, the artist is about to break the silence with a new album. The taste of happiness is outside. On this occasion, in the columns of Le Parisien, he relied on his slowness to get out of New songs.

You know, I have a big problem, I have no concept of time. I’ve done very few more records years because I’m a pain, I have a shitty life for that, he said tired of his will to always do things perfectly.

gerard lenorman

Until I get what I want, time doesn’t matter. Gérard Lenorman can pass ten years in a song or thirty seconds, he continued. By the way, it seems that she didn’t realize that it took her 21 years to release a new album of original songs.

It must be said that he probably did not see time pass, because during all these years he continued to perform on stage. The health crisis caused by the coronavirus has only prevented her from knowing the public about her for a year and a half. Concerts are my lifesaver. And I am being deprived of it. I live a martyrdom, it kills me, she declared.

Gérard Lenorman says that he suffers from a serious illness.

Like many French people, Gérard Lenorman had a very bad experience of confinement. Not knowing the whole truth was a real ordeal for him. For good reason, he claims that he suffers from a serious illness : can’t bear to lie. However, with the Covid-19 crisis, the lies and changes of decision were many. Something that disturbs the artist.


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