Gérard Hernández unrecognizable! his state of health at worst.


Gérard Hernández unrecognizable: the image he gives in the M6 ​​series does not show a person weakened by health problems.

Gérard Hernandez tells in almost all his interviews how lucky he is to be in his position. Acting is a fluctuating and unstable profession. But with Scenes from Homes he found a stable and lasting job. The fans from domestic scenes I can’t imagine the cult couple Raymond and Huguette (Marion Game) disappearing.

Gerard Hernandezan 87-year-old actor who knows there is an end to life.

Gerard Hernandez cancer

They are the favorite characters from the series M6. couple playing and capricious, they find themselves in very realistic situations. The performances of the actors offer a whole range of emotions. There is gratuitous mischief and cynicism, but there are also laughs and tender moments.

Gérard Hernandez is lucid about his health and enjoying life and its success.

And if Gérard Hernandez often says that he is lucky, it is because the papers for people who have passed a certain age are rare.

Gerard Hernandez disease

With puppet play (Huguette), 81, are a perfect match on screen. your advanced age however, it poses some problems. puppet play has difficulty remembering your text. She has been fighting for several years so that his memory works as before. Fortunately, she can count on her scene partner to adapt her hard-to-learn texts and help her remember the rest of her. Because what Gérard Hernandez does not complain about is his spirit. His memory and thinking remain impeccable, as his physicality begins to fail.

The health of the actor is inevitably in decline.

Gerard Hernández is not a person who keeps secrets. he is always very frank and sincere, like his character Raymond. He says that he tries not to play but to be when he plays Raymond for home scenes. Interviewed by the journalists of L’instant de Luxe in Non Stop People, Gérard made some disclosures about your health status general. and it’s not a painting very glorious painted by our favorite octogenarian. In fact, he is only satisfied with his spiritwho is always standing.

Gerard Hernandez unrecognizable

For the rest, Gérard Hernández has many difficulties. First of all, he is not proud to talk about his age. Happy to continue working to keep your spirit active, regrets old age. Old age is described by Gérard Hernandez as a “shipwreck”. A shipwreck that you experience unavoidably is the fate of life. A quote from General de Gaulle that he uses because Gérard has a good memory and knows the classics. However, he is aware that life calls death and death comes slowly and insidiously. Gérard Hernandez then adds that he is not afraid of the Grim Reaper.

Old age is not a pleasant thing for Gérard-Hernandez

And if it is not wonderful for him to say that we are growing old, he is nevertheless happy to live what he lives. With his wife, however, it’s something else. Because Gérard Hernandez is not afraid for him, but for her. And her wife is the same, he does not fear for her, but for him. Finally, Gérard Hernandez explains that humor is his escape route. For him, laughing at everything is the greatest pleasure. Thanks to the jokes, Gérard manages to de-dramatize the situations. He also explains that the more he jokes around, the more likely he is to hide something.

Sincere and frank, Gérard uses humor to compensate for his condition.

In the end, Gerard Hernandez talk very frankly old. He accepts her condition and does not hide it. The comedian admits that everything hurts him. And he adds that he knows very well that he is not going to get better. If he lives this situation very well for himself, he is different for Micheline, his wife.

Because Gérard Hernandez is afraid of losing her or seeing her suffer, while he himself has the same problems. he admits that he doesn’t talk about it with his wife so as not to aggravate the situation. They laugh a lot together and he wants it to last as long as possible. Because no, for Gérard Hernandez growing old is not a pleasant thing to live.

Gerard Hernandez sick

Since his advanced age, the actor finally offers his vision of life and especially of old age.
Gérard Hernandez has a lot of humor in his statements, but also a lot of emotion and sincerity. His interview has fans of the comedian wondering if the only moment worth talking about is the present.

By projecting too much, we can become anxious. And by thinking too much about the past, we can become nostalgic. But by being fully in the present moment, the weight of life seems lighter. Gérard Hernandez knows, in his way, how to show that life is worth living, but that it is not a long and calm river.


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