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Do millennials watch traditional TV less because it doesn’t speak to them, or does traditional TV avoid millennials precisely because they don’t watch it?

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Great doubt, which pinches the (great) nerve of the war on television. How to stop the exodus of twentysomethings and thirtysomethings on American digital platforms? And how to interest them in Quebec programs, whenEuphoria drag a click away?

Simple answer: by offering them edgy series that look like them, talk like them, and tackle the issues of young adults. No fake series of “djeunes” like Chaos in VAT. Modern and toned things like Fork by Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, which follows the romantic emancipation of an author on the eve of her 30th birthday.

In this line of delightful programs, Radio-Canada offers From Peter to daughter, the first job, as a screenwriter, of the actress Julianne Côté. This clever comedy chronicles the uniquely close bond between an unambitious restaurant waitress (Julianne Côté) and her educated, open-minded single father (Patrice Robitaille).

A very simple theme, exploited with verve, liveliness and sarcasm by Julianne Côté, who writes dense dialogues full of references to popular culture.

the characters of From Peter to daughter Sight Fortier and big bearpush jaws Fleejasent of The parent receiver or Samara in the movie The circle and even imitate Criquette Rockwell du the heart has its reasons.


Daphnée (Julianne Côté) and her father Pierre (Patrice Robitaille)

Julianne Côté’s signature can be heard in all six of the eight episodes I watched on Monday. The Extra of Tou.TV will offer them from Thursday. And no, From Peter to daughter he won’t get out of his radio-Canadian digital prison. He understands: he will never be on traditional television. It is said, it is written.

the stone in From Peter to daughteris Patrice Robitaille, in a role miles away from douchebag violent that embodies in the beautiful inconvenience. Pierre loves good food, good wine and, above all, getting into heated verbal battles with his daughter Daphnée (Julianne Côté).

The father, 47, and the daughter, 24, share a coded language and a touching bond. They smoke cigarettes together and love the same songs, even welcome sunshine, by Jim and Bertrand. Pierre describes Daphnée as his faithful shield.

This duo takes refuge in comforting rituals and lives in a magical bubble that, as you can imagine, is about to burst.

Because this symbiotic relationship, which is also hermetic, hides less beautiful things. The intense Pierre runs away from his heart problems or work by putting on the mask of the bon vivant. On her part, the lazy and misanthropic Daphnée escapes in alcohol to forget her job as a waitress in the Chikétapas restaurant (read again pronouncing each of the syllables). In fact, Daphnée’s life is mediocre. Her toxic ex-girlfriend (Karelle Tremblay) messes with her head and Daphnée is left adrift not knowing where to land.


In the series, Daphnée’s roommate Camille (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) is in a relationship with a man in an open relationship (Pierre-Yves Lord).

The sixth episode, more dramatic, marks a turning point in the series. the tone of From Peter to daughter he deftly dances between funny scenes and deeper ones. Julianne Côté has imagined imperfect and endearing characters, who live in warm apartments full of Monstera plants. Very “instagrammable” as a decoration.

Surrounding Pierre and Daphnée is the college roommate (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) who is in a relationship with a man in an open relationship (Pierre-Yves Lord). In small roles, you’ll also see Patsy Gallant, Rémy Girard, Madeleine Péloquin, Stéphane Rousseau, Pascale Drevillon and Marjorie d’double occupancy with us.

A small defect of From Peter to daughter ? Some lines in early episodes are “overwritten”, making their delivery less natural on screen. But that happens while you watch.

Now, if you want to microdose on magic mushrooms at a housewarming or laugh at people who call themselves epicureans, you know where to look. From Peter to daughter. It comes out on Thursday.

ac star in head

No big changes: nod to The escape – in the list of the most popular shows on Sunday night. star academy retains the first position with its 1,411,000 fans. Still in VAT, true nature exceeded the million mark (1,018,000) and vlogging he gathered 857,000 telephiles in front of his post. On Radio Canada, everybody talks about it interested 821,000 onlookers, while Tranna Wintour’s removal from Big Brother Celebrities in Noovo it was seen by 658,000 people.

saturday night episodelive from the universe dedicated to Paul Arcand gathered 1,010,000 faithful. On Saturday, April 16, France Beaudoin will receive Pierre Bruneau, from TVA. He took well to the announcement of his retirement so that the news reader would venture into the opposite camp!


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