Deprogramming of “Complement of the investigation”: “Stupor” and “misunderstanding” within the magazine of France 2


A decision gone wrong. Today, revealed the decision of France Télévisions to deprogram its number of “Complément d’Enquête” in the “political targeting“scheduled for Thursday, April 7, in the second part of the evening. Entitled “Big data: When politicians target us!”, the latter aimed to show how private companies are responsible, on behalf of political parties , to convince citizens to vote for their candidate According to France Télévisions, this “Complément d’Enquête” report should be rescheduled for Thursday, May 5.

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To justify this decision, the public group invoked the current electoral context. The broadcast scheduled for Thursday would have been, according to him, too close to the first round of the presidential elections, and the entry into force of the so-called “reserve” period, on Saturday at midnight. “An issuance within 24 hours of the absolute reserve period of the candidates does not allow compliance with the expected fairness rules by the electoral code“, we argued to France Télévisions, recognizing an initial programming error.

“We fall out of the closet”

The writing of “Complément d’Enquête” expresses its “stupor” and his “incomprehension“.”We are shocked and we fall out of the closet because the management was informed for several weeks of this programming“, testifies a journalist, accompanied today by “We do not understand this decision made just two days before the broadcast and while the trailers were already filming!“, This same source reacts.

Several journalists from the magazine are not convinced by the arguments of the France Télévisions management. “The report was legally concrete. We even deliberately returned sequences to respect, to the nearest minute, equality of speaking times.“, specifies a reporter from the program presented by Tristan Waleckx. Already deprogrammed in the past, the theme of Thursday was not to respect them initially since it should have been broadcast in a period of simple equity.

“Unprecedented Unpreparedness”

If the problem lies in the short time candidates have to respond to the report -24 hours in any case-, why wait two days before it is issued to worry about it? It is an unprecedented lack of preparation!“, we approached in the corridors of the magazine. The writing of “Complément d’Enquête” has also decided to alert the Society of Journalists (SDJ) of France 2, which immediately asked to meet Delphine Ernotte, the president of the public group.

Some France 2 journalists also do not hesitate to link this episode to Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to attend “Elysée 2022” tonight. “The President of the Republic obviously did not like certain topics of ‘Complementary Investigation’“, slides a reporter, referring to the articles published yesterday in “the parisian” and “telerama“On the possible reasons for the decision of the Head of State”.Simultaneously, although perhaps not linked, today’s decision by the leadership seems necessarily clumsy and raises questions about a risk of political instrumentalization.“, he adds.

“True Independence”

It’s a shame because the current management really offers us complete independence.“, regrets a journalist from “Complement of the investigation”. And to salute the current good health of the magazine, whose investigations “talc for itchingthey have regularly signed good audiences since the beginning of the season.

The question now is that of the definitive date of emission of “Big data: When the politicians target us!”. Some members of the “Complément d’Enquête” editorial staff are still hoping to convince France Télévisions management to reschedule it before May 5, the first Thursday of the intermediate rounds, April 14. “A subject is also a time. Certainly there are still legislative elections in June but it is a pity that this issue does not participate in the electoral debate around the presidential election.“, we slipped into the aisles of the magazine.


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