Davinhor, the rapper who “has the slab to succeed” releases her first album “Indomptable”


in the clip flokoin feat with The juice, is conquering and combative. Stubborn and focused, she relentlessly lands straight lunges on a male bust mannequin. A few minutes later, she gives way to another Davinhor, ultra sensual and exuberant, the young woman bursts the screen. Two representative facets of the rapper from Creil, including the first album entitled Indomitable it comes out this friday.

Thirteen titles that oscillate between edgy trap, pop and zouk, a “visiting card” where Davinhor wants to show the scope of his talent and everything he is capable of. It is also a glimpse of what he has been through since childhood. “It is the story of a girl from the houses, thrown from left to right, she explains to 20 minutes. A neighborhood girl too, who doesn’t get carried away and who has the slab to succeed. »

“Sport is what keeps me going despite difficult times”

The young woman born in the Congo in 1997 takes this desire to win from her career and from her parents with whom she had to face many hardships from a very young age. “They really put me together so that life wouldn’t break me,” she says gratefully. She and her family fled the Congo three years after her birth, after her father escaped from prison, “imprisoned for his positions in favor of human rights”, it is specified in the biography of the artist. Heading for Paris, where they stay for a few months, then Gien, in the Loiret, where they settle in a house. “My parents did not have political refugee titles, it was always rejected. It was not easy, many difficulties and above all integration, but fortunately athletics is there, it is a bit of my escape, ”she specifies.

Because long before embarking on rap, Davinhor cherished the dream of a great career in the sport. “It’s my breath of fresh air. This is what keeps me going despite the hard blows, the difficulties, the traps. It’s what gives me hope and the desire to believe in a better future,” recalls the artist.

She excels in athletics, which she discovers at the age of 5 and goes on to compete, in Loiret and then in Creil (Oise) where she and her sisters move in with their father after their parents’ separation. Then, when she was a teenager, she joined a sports studies training. “I see in the eyes of my coaches that little thing that tells me that people believe in me. I see that they look at me differently, that I shine, that there is light and that makes my parents proud. They have a little bit of this feeling of success, of accomplishment,” she explains. But a “fight” and a meniscus injury ended everything. Davinhor abandons sports and studies, her relationships change, her life “is no longer safe” and the young woman “loses her balance”. Until rap takes over.

“I would like them to respect us as we are, in basketball or in heels”

“I find rap to be true, it’s a very sincere thing,” she says. I am very committed and I tell myself that this is the way to be heard and understood. And say what I think. She “she is particularly encouraged in this direction by Naza and Keblack, two artists well known to rap listeners, both from Creil and Creil, with whom she will become close. And it is in 2019 that Davinhor stands out notably. Invited by rapper Niska in his rap planet (and the only woman present among an audience of men), the rapper caused a sensation in the Skyrock studio with her performance and her confidence. “I arrive as a winner, I impose myself directly, I am not afraid of anything and I am not afraid of anything. I tell myself it’s “now,” she recalls.

From then on he adopted a very angry, sometimes aggressive rap, but he did not shy away from softer and more sentimental pieces such as sos Where to two in your album. She also assumes an ultrafemininity, claims the self-affirmation and independence of women. A feminist approach? “’Feminist’ is putting ourselves in a box too much and some men have not yet understood this movement. I would say rather committed”, she replies. And she develops: “I want my rap to have something for everyone. My message is also addressed to men: I would like them to respect us as we are, in sneakers or heels. »

Last fall, he made a big impression by participating in the project Queens, for the love of rap on Canal+. a documentary that immortalized the recording of a title that brings together five rappers: Chilla, Le Juiice, Vicky R, Bianca Costa and her. ” For me ahoo [le titre du morceau] it is a movement, it is an Amazon war cry, very feminine power “, She believes.

Powerful, the song also opened a debate about the lack of visibility of women in rap and the role of the media. “They are the first to complain that there are not enough women but they are also the first to not necessarily get ahead of us,” she reacts. In addition to shaking up the codes a bit, the project will have brought together these five artists. “Since then, we broadcast all the projects of the others and as soon as one of us does a concert we try to create a small movement”, specifies Davinhor.

For her part, the rapper seems to be on her way to making a name for herself in French rap and taking revenge on life. In any case, she has no intention of stopping there. “I am proud of myself every day a little more. As my father says, the fight will never end.”


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