Dany Saval makes a shocking announcement about Michel Drucker!


Michel Drucker seems fine, but the host is in bad shape. We tell you everything about the French’s favorite entertainer!

Michel Drucker is the embodiment of french tv. Even his silhouette is recognizable among a thousand! For more than half a century, the great man of the audiovisual scene French occupies our small screen, for our greatest pleasure.

Michel Drucker: French television, it’s him!

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Michel Drucker began his television career on ORTF, which was the only channel available at the time, in 1964. He is by far the oldest television presenter still active. Contrary to what one might think today, he did not start in entertainment, but as a sports commentator!

In fact, he was a sports enthusiast of all kinds who knew everything about everything. He held this position for 11 brilliant years. In the mid 70’s, Michael Drucker he begins to offer himself positions as a show host. He excels and thus begins the second part of his career. His famous shows include the Champs-Élysées and Star 90.

But today, it is thanks to its famous Vivement Dimanche and Vivement Dimanche Prochain programs that Michael Drucker shines. For decades, the host has played host to the greatest stars in the famous red sofa. Over the years, some have become close friends with him. everyone praises this man of a great empathy and unlimited generosity.

A man surrounded by death.

Michael Drucker he is 79 years old. At this age, many people have already retired for a long time ! However, this is not the case of the presenter, who continues to be loyal at your post every week.

over the years, Michael Drucker the presenter of Champs-Élysées and Vivement Dimanche has seen many celebrities parade. And, of course, many did not survive him. We think in particular of Serge Gainsbourgthe cursed poet, but also Claude François, whose host announced the death live.

More recently, how can we forget the tears of this giant of French television when he announced the death of his great friend, the singer. johnny hallyday ? The All France was moved by this man. which usually reveals its sadness.

The big one John Paul Belmondo The curtain also fell recently. He was a neighbor and close friend of Michael Drucker. He was the presenter who helped him recover from his stroke 20 years ago.

The list grows even more with two celebrities. died of cancer. First, bernard tapie, the great media man and sulphurous businessman. A few days later, it was the turn of Etienne Mougeotte, former vice president of the group TF1and former ORTF buddy of Michel Drucker.

Michel Drucker: his fragile state of health, he almost died!

It’s not just your friends who are victims of serious diseases. Michel Drucker also has almost dead Very recently ! As usual, the presenter was very discreet about his physical condition, but finally opened up about it. the drama it happened during the summer of 2020: in Provence, I was very tired, I had a fever every day.

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I was worried At the end of August, Professor Alain Hagege, head of the cardiology department at the Georges-Pompidou hospital, and Michel Desnos, his predecessor, told me brought back urgently in Paris. During blood test, we immediately saw that there was an infectious focus, coming from the mouth after dental treatment. The bacteria, apparently not too serious, infected the heart and caused sepsis. A period that I have kept secret.

Make no mistake about it, the health of Michael Drucker it was really bad! He continues: I am a miracle, as cardiologists say. I had a series of heart problems.

But I’m in a good mood. I’m doing pretty well for someone who averted disaster, I thought I had dire consequences after such a major operation. I thought I would end my life in slow motion and never do my job again.

Lucky for him and his fans.Michel Drucker has managed to recover from this terrible disease, and we are happy to see him on our television screens again!


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