Cyril Hanouna’s heritage is brought to light by his columnists!


The chroniclers accidentally revealed part of Cyril Hanouna’s real estate assets and we can say that it is enormous.

During the appearance of Eva Longoria in the flagship program of C8, a small game of seduction was installed between the actress and the driver. “You are very beautiful,” she told him in French, to which Cyril Hanouna replied: You know that for me you are the most beautiful woman in the world. And i mean it. It was enough for the columnists of the program to do unexpected revelations on your boss.

Cyril Hanouna’s heritage revealed

And it was Valérie Benaïm who revealed the little secrets of cyril hanouna. Hello Eva and thanks in advance! We need you. cyril hanouna, who you know here, is now single. But, as he just said, he has a small base in Los Angeles. You also have another base in New York, he said. The Touche Pas à Mon Poste host therefore owns properties in two of the most expensive cities in the United States.

The huge estate of Cyril Hanouna

This statement does not seem to have pleased the main character: It’s not worth it reveal all my heritage real estate, he replied. But the revelations don’t stop there. matthew delormeau He also wanted to contribute his grain of sand to the case.

the columnist of TPMP he then added that Cyril Hanouna also had a pied-à-terre in the south of France, as well as another in Boulogne-Billancourt. The facilitator is definitely not short of real estate!

Big clash between Cyril Hanouna and Gilles Verdez over the slaughterhouses

At TPMP, Cyril Hanouna received Thomas Saïdi, activist from the association for the defense of animals L214. The latter was immersed for four months in a slaughterhouse in Bigard en Cuiseaux, in Saône-et-Loire. He was able to film shocking scenes with cows and calves. These images gave rise to a long debate between the guest, the columnists and cyril hanouna : Shocking and scandalous images are revealed: is it urgent to close the slaughterhouses?

Cyril Hanouna attacks Gilles Verdez

And as always, columnists disagree. On the one hand, there is Cyril Hanouna and, on the other, in particular, Gilles Verdez and delphine wespiser. Faithful For himself, Gilles Verdez did not hesitate to say that all slaughterhouses should be closed for several months. A phrase that angered the host of TPMP.

Exceeded, cyril hanouna he was not kind to his columnist and shared his point of view in a long tirade: No, but how are you, how many people are you going to put out of work? Stop being a demagogue, it’s unbearable. Don’t you think about the people who work there? Stop! You are unbearable! Think a little about people.

You are calm here, you sit on your butt and you are happy to work. Stop talking nonsense, it makes me angry, it drives me crazy. You sit down, you put your ass on a table, you have a all salary months. You are going to put thousands of people out of work, stop saying cyril hanouna !

And I’d rather not do it twice

But it is not finished. delphine wespiser She added her grain of sand, saying that the closure of the slaughterhouses was not a problem for her, and that she would like to see her employees move on to other professions, such as catering. Once again, she didn’t like cyril hanounawho said but stop talking bullshit!

And when Gilles Verdez says that all slaughterhouses have to be closed, I’m sorry, but I can’t take this demagogic shit anymore. Stop talking nonsense. I’m sorry, he drives me crazy with guys like you. You are out of touch with society. Atmosphere. The discussion continued into the pub with cyril hanounaas you can see below.


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